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Telltale Games did a good job when they created the first episode of The Walking Dead videogame for PC. Normally, I am a graphics whore but I overlooked such standards because of the way the game was made and marketed in the industry. Besides, the comic book resemblance of the game’s graphics looks cool.

The second installment of ‘The Walking Dead’ continues where “you” left off! I did not finish my first season, so I don’t know what the PC platform has in store for me. But the way I see it, everybody ended up either dead or stranded, except for the little girl: Clementine AKA Clem.

My overall opinion about ‘The Walking Dead’ game series:

Just to sidetrack a bit, I would like to appreciate that the game never Pulls any Punches. It has a choice based factor, and just when you are expecting things to go smooth, the unexpected happens. However, I would have deeply appreciated if Telltale Games made this series completely open world and based it on a “complete” choice based scenario.

While it is true that you get choices to make and sometimes they are tough as nail, the game works on a preset formula. For instance, when my brother started playing The Walking Dead’s first season, I was hell bent on NOT doing the same things which he did. He rescued the little boy during the tractor incident in the first episode; I wanted to rescue the poor guy who was pinned down under the fences.

But in my case, I found out that Hershel’s / Hershell’s son was bound to die in the videogame because that’s how they made it. There was nothing different. I thought the old man would have been more sympathetic towards the protagonist, but sadly that wasn’t the case. In fact, he still made Kenny, his family, and the entire lot of characters leave his dearly beloved farm.

Under my watchful eye, The Walking Dead could have been even better experience had it not been for the limited choice factors. Still the game is interesting to play and it has its surprise element. The shocks come with the same degree of tenacity as you would expect from any horror survival game.

Walking Dead: All that Remains of Clementine:

walking dead

‘All That Remains’ mainly focuses on Clementine’s demise as a child left on her own. She has the age factor going on; she is not an adult and the trust factor comes by very easily. Clem has to survive in a harsh environment and that too under the constant threat of a zombie attack. Lee is no longer there to protect her; I don’t know how the last episode ended but I am guessing either one of the two:

  • Lee died while trying to protect Clementine
  • Lee fled and left Clementine on her own

Telltale developers are probably a little demented when it comes to violence against children in videogames. I mean when I look at Clementine and the endless series of trouble she runs into, I know that Telltale worked hard and does not hold back anything. They throw zombies, strangers, spooks, creeps and everything that a little girl can be afraid of under “normal” real life circumstances.

The story picks up after a year’s time; Clem runs into new survivors who have their own issues to overcome. Some people are grumpy because they are pretending to be grumpy. The truth is that most of the characters are in on a big secret and Clem, being you, is the only one who does not know or suspect much… until the very end.

She has toughened up over time. In her backpack, you can see a pistol and some reserve ammo which Clem never hesitates to use. Some part of Clem is mature but she is still learning to come to terms with her surroundings and the people she bumps into.  At time I think that she is the mini version of Lara Croft albeit special weapons and artifacts of course.

walking dead

The darkest secret of ‘All that Remains’ is for you to explore. Let me tell you one thing though: just like the last season, Walking Dead will pitch you against very tough choices. Clem’s innocence, your moral values, the “what would Lee do if I were him” kind of situations and many other things shape the game’s ending. But then again, probably Telltale Games planned it this way because of my gripes with the limited choice factor.

By the way if you have been maintaining your official copies of Walking Dead games through Steam Account, you only need to download this game and pay them upfront. Pirates, on the other hand, need to head over to a torrent website where this game and many others are available for free download.

Of course, you will run into Crack related issues, but who is complaining here? All that Remains is a great addition to the Walking Dead game franchise; it deserves some improvements but makes up for the minor glitches through many other interesting things for you to explore. If you have already played the game or want to share your experience related to previous installments, let us know through the comments section below.

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