Part of our camera review program is to highlight details about stuff that is easily affordable. I mean, I have reviewed the high end DSLRs; cameras that are not easy to come by with a limited budget – and I must say that everyone cannot buy this stuff. Therefore people expect greater or equivalent results from cameras that are not too heavy on the price tag.

canon eos rebel t3

Enter Canon EOS Rebel T3, a remarkable device that has all the features to help you get started on amazing photography ventures. Above all, with only so much so as a $457.56 to spend, you are in for getting phenomenal results without hitting a lot of hitches. Shall we embark on reading an honest-to-God review about the Canon EOS Rebel T3 Digital SLR Camera?

The Good Stuff about Canon EOS Rebel T3 Digital SLR:

  • Amazing buy for the kind of money you can easily spend.
  • Begin shooting high quality pictures immediately. Menu and options are very easy to get a hang of.
  • Default box-package battery is a champion. You can crunch out hours of unperturbed performance.

The Canon EOS Rebel T3 Camera Only Comes with a Few Negatives:

Some people might think that a lack of few desired features in the EOS Rebel T3 make it a product not worthwhile. However, if you are an unbiased consumer or someone who cannot afford to part ways with $1,000, this camera is the best option for you. I’d say it is a great device that falls within the general category of DSLRs; not too much promising and too light on delivering either.

People have sometimes dismissed the EOS t3 due to its lackluster or way too ordinary looks. It is not fair to make statement about any camera until and unless you have tested it first. Let us take a brief look at some of the “negatives” known about this device.

canon eos rebel t3 accessories for first timers

  • Out of Balance or Out of Order? The digital Canon EOS Rebel T3 camera is compatible with a long line of Canon camera lenses. However, seeing to the small frame of the camera, there is a possibility that the weight will shift to the front after you have attached a heavier lens.
    • Pair the Canon EOS Rebel T3 with a Canon EF-S 18-200 lens for best results. If the front feels too heavy, you have to grip it right. There is no rubber grip support!
  • What? No Rubber Grip? Yeah, this is the part where anyone cannot defend the lack of a rubberized grip on the camera. I mean c’mon Canon, was it so hard to figure this whole thing out before releasing the device in public?
    • But still, you automatically feel urged to grip an expensive DSLR tight because it might mean your whole life savings to you. Therefore, rubber grip or no rubber grip, it cannot be stated as a major setback.
  • No Memory Card: Canon EOS Rebel T3 does not come with a memory card. No sir – no ma’am; not even a small one for that matter. You will have to buy an SD card for this camera. I’d recommend a minimum of 16GB EOS Rebel T3 memory card. If you are planning to shoot in RAW +L mode, you will probably need a minimum 32Gb memory card for the T3 Canon Digital Camera.

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  • White balance is slightly “off balance” when shooting indoors at full automatic settings. But for the sake of entry level cameras, the EOS T3 Canon does justice with whatever options it comes with. You can always make slight additions to your photos through Photoshop or any other program later.

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Ummm, Why Do we Love Canon EOS Rebel T3?

For an array of good reasons, I suppose. As mentioned earlier, the price is just right for the kind of DSLR you are expecting to buy. As a matter of fact, the overall number of options, such as; shot-to-shot performance and 9 autofocus points are far better than the predecessor series cameras.

canon eos rebel t3 accessories

The older versions of Rebel series, prior to the Canon EOS Digital Rebel T3, mostly came with 7 autofocus points. Still if you want a slightly better device, you could go for the Pentax K-R camera. In both cases, you will be getting a decent chunk of admirable results.

I haven’t been in touch with DSLRs for a while now. Every time I come back to using one of these devices, it is totally like a brand new experience. I think this is a good feeling because then you are not able to judge a camera based on your old experiences. We, reviewers, sometimes have a bad habit of benchmarking and then devaluing a product against certain standards.

What are the Box Contents?

I thought you’d never ask. Here is a list of box contents that are made available with a brand new purchase of Canon EOS Rebel T3 camera:

  • Eyecup EF
  • Camera Strap (EW – 200DB)
  • Canon EOS Interface Cable (IFC – 130u)
  • EOS Rebel T3 Body Only
  • EF – 18-55 Type 2 Lens
  • Battery Charger X 1
  • Battery Pack X 1
  • “Great Photography is Easy” X 1 – Startup Booklet
  • EOS T3 Rebel DSD – Digital Solution Disk X 1

Anyhow, as far as the Canon EOS Rebel T3 camera is concerned, you will have to make do with most of the stuff on your own. Canon’s job is not to teach you photography or the perfect Tripod positions. You need a camera for above “good” or above “better” results; this is the device for you. It has nice exposure settings, a sweet spot for focusing and a smooth buttery continuous shot mode.

Speaking of continuous shots in the T3 Rebel digital camera, the frame rate is 2.7Fps + – . It means that you cannot rush it as the speed kind of makes the camera take its own time. For fashion photography, with rapid shots, this is not the camera you are looking for. For portraits, stills and continuous shots with a noticeable interval in them, yes, this is the device you need to go with.

Any Last Word of Wisdom for Soon to be Owners of Canon EOS Rebel T3?

Oh yeah, you bet there are some.

  • Please do not think that the viewfinder is chunky or looks cramped. 95% of the time, when I was taking shots, I found the viewfinder to be satisfactory. It wasn’t bulky or anything.
  • That nice chunky battery you get with the T3 Rebel – it does last long. You can go several hundred photographs before draining out the entire battery life. Top it off with a 1.5 hour of full battery charge time and you can get back in action immediately.

All in all, the T3 Rebel is perhaps one of those cameras that aren’t shy of showing amazing results. You can always add a little extra crème’ la crème after investing in good quality Canon lenses.

It is a nice camera; very enjoyable to shoot with and slightly advanced as compared to other budget friendly devices in the market. Learn it, master it and brace yourself for an impressive outcome.

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