For game publishers, it has always been an ease to release a game on the console instead of a Windows PC because they could easily lock down the privacy.

Of course, there are two sides to a coin. Some people are just historical preservationists and the others just want to flout the law. But it doesn’t matter which side you’re on, the hack of the Wii was a huge deal when it first happened. And the thing that made it happen? A pair of tweezers.

If you want to learn all about the problem, then you can do so by visiting a channel called Modern Village Gamer. They have an amazing 12-minute story that will catch you up in no time. It has a collection of incredibly-researched sales data including some handy graphics for all of the technical stuff.

The whole story is outstanding, but the real punchline comes at the 6:20 mark.

Here’s how it goes. Nintendo packed the most sensitive software material inside a hardware chip where it was impossible for hackers to access the information. But the hackers had another trick up their sleeve.

They connected various contact points on the circuit board with the help of everyday tweezers that tricked the chip so that it moved the data to the designated location on the board.

By doing this procedure slowly and carefully, they were able to bring that information out where they could spread it all out and examine all of the secrets. It just so happens that one of the information modules in that data was the encryption key that gave way to unlocking the Wii game disks.

This hack ultimately resulted in a complete end of Nintendo’s copy protection for quite a while.

Interestingly, this is not the only time where Nintendo has suffered like this because the Nintendo Switch was also hacked with a paperclip, of all things.


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