You are not just buying a toaster when it’s about choosing Waring. This professional cool touch toaster has a lot more than what toasts your toasts to the best version of itself. It’s got the necessary ugliness of a toaster, the unpredictable reliability, and the usual Flava’ to let your taste buds have it all.

Waring Cool Toaster Review for Toast Fanatics:

Waring Toaster, Waring Toaster review

All formalities aside, it is a toaster; there is no denying to it. No matter how much I sugar coat this device, it breaks down to very common facts such as; does the Waring Professional Toaster work as advertised? Performance issues and what others are saying about this toaster? After all, you are buying this kitchen tool for the sake of using it, rather than placing it as a decoration item.

The Good Stuff about Waring Stainless Steel Cool Toaster:

Waring Toaster, Waring Toaster review

  • Continuous bottom bread wiring ensures thorough toaster cooking.
  • Simple and easy operation.
  • Removable bottom rubber pad (could be an issue for some people) and slide-out crumb tray.
  • Heats well within minutes. The outside remains cool, hence the expression: “Cool Toaster.”
  • Good for bread slices, bacon, pop tarts, and other bakery items.

Overall, the Waring cool toaster has the capabilities of being a close member of your kitchen. However, it does not have a lot of features to offer. In mundane terms, as I stated earlier, it is a very basic level toaster. Besides, the price range is very affordable (less than $30) – so it would be a sham to expect too much from this product.

Also, I wouldn’t be bitching about this toaster’s build quality and “typical Made in China” manufacturing. Compared to the majority, some people did have negative remarks to share about this toaster. I will get to those in a minute or two.

Negatives of Waring Professional Cool Toaster?

  • First of all, the toaster dial is a “one-way” functionality kinda thing. You can either cook your toasts to a crispy golden red, or you can toast em’ to a black maw! This thing does have a stop, reduce heat or cancel button. Got it? The one-way ticket kinda stuff.
  • The only way you can cancel the process is by either directly switching off the Warning stainless steel toaster unit, or by removing the plug from the wall outlet. Even though at the bottom bed, when there is a mention of toaster wiring at the bottom and side panels of the toaster, I will say that this thing heats up unevenly. I don’t know what Waring was thinking at the time of creating the toaster, but they should have tested this thing properly. Be mentally prepared for uneven toasting.
  • Finally, when the toaster is all set and ready, it is time to prepare your bread slices. So far so good, huh? Yeah, everything seems to be in order. However, the overall cooldown timer for this Warning toaster is one heck of a problem to deal with. You are going to have to leave the toaster unused for 30 – 45 minutes. Keep it out of children’s reach meanwhile.

I remember that I talked about rubber padding at the bottom side of this cool toaster. This padding is apparently not fixed properly. But I am not alluding it to the poor build quality of the toaster. I have seen many electronic devices with rubber feet at their base. Sometimes the manufacturers intentionally leave it loose so that it can come off easily.

Also, whenever you need to clean the equipment, the padding comes off without interruption. This ensures a hassle-free cleaning. Some people, who purchased the Warning Cool Toaster from Amazon, complained about its rubber feet coming off. Even if they slid the toaster on their marble tops, the rubber would get loose and shaky.

I, on the other hand, think that loose rubber padding is a good thing. Plus, if it is coming off whenever you slide the stainless steel toaster, it means that the padding was holding its ground firmly. In a way, you had to literally “shake” off its footing.

All I Wanted was a Good Toaster – Waring Professional Toaster Story:

Waring Toaster, Waring Toaster review

I basically wanted a plain toaster with tough performance. The toaster does have its silly whizbangs because of its narrow slots. But let’s be honest, what good is a toaster if it doesn’t have a few flaws. The last time I was watching one of the earliest “How I Met Your Mother” episodes, Marshall talked about their toaster burning the slices – and they kind of loved it.

I am not saying that your Waring Cool Touch Professional Toaster will be burning everything – I’m just saying that it does have the potential to overcook some stuff. Still compared to other models, Waring is a well-established brand. The overall product line of toasters by this company has received some decent feedback in the past.

My wife has a thing for Pop-Tarts and Pillsbury Toaster Pastries. She likes this toaster because it thoroughly heated the aforementioned to a soft cushy state. On the Waring toaster manual, it says that pressing the defrost and/ or bagel button will only extend the toasting time. Whatever you do, do not insert anything that’s wider than the 1.3’’ slots on this device.

We all know that after a bit of heat and baking, some bakery items tend to swell. You wouldn’t want chunks or entire bagel to get stuck inside the toaster. It will leave a mess behind. Plus, every time you will be heating something, you will always smell that nauseous burning whiff.

You Will Never See One Like This Again!

Waring Toaster, Waring Toaster review

I have had Waring toaster for a few months now. Throughout this time period, I never had any complaints, other than those moments when it would darken the bread at uneven places. But now I am used to using this toaster.

To stop the toaster from toasting your slices, bagel, Pop-Tarts or anything, early, you will have to turn its darkness dials all the way back to cancel. Even then, the toaster itself will be very hot from the inside because of its slow cooldown timer. The key is to remember your ideal darkness and average toast time – and then sticking with it.

Come what may, never ever let a minor or a child use this toaster unsupervised. That’s it for now. Have a great time munching on those slices. Despite its occasional shortcomings, Waring Cool Touch Toaster is a marvel of a product to be had. Do give it a shot. If you don’t end up liking it, Amazon offers a 30-day product return grace period.

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