The Amazing World of Warcraft’s current expansion pack is coming to an end with its new patch. In patch 8.2, we got to see the unbeatable Azshara’s Palace raid to be successful which lead to N’Zoth being freed from his prison and join his army.

Patch 8.2.5 brought the never-ending war between the Horde and the Alliance to a satisfying conclusion. The conclusion being Saurfang sacrificing himself for peace and prosperity among the two parties and the Sylvanas heading off to carry out some other mysterious plan.

Now, in the new iteration, we are taking the fight to N’Zoth and hopefully make some new allies on the way.

In the Battle of Azeroth, there will be two new Allied Races. The Vulpera are a cute and tiny fox-like people who are endearing on the outside and deadly on the inside. We first met them in the Horde zone of Battle of Azeroth and they are joining Horde this time round.

The Alliance will team up with a new race called the Mechagnomes as allies, who we met in Rise of Azshara.

Both of these races will come with their own custom mounts (Sadly Dolly and Dot are not getting their custom alpaca mounts) and will also be able to unlock heritage armor as the game progresses.

The raid that would conclude the Battle of Azeroth’s story is a 12-boss raid and the final boss to deal with will be N’Zoth. This is the first time in the game when we will be facing an Old Deity as the final boss of expansion and that can be troubling as he might have a couple more tricks up his sleeve for anyone who comes for him. Either way, the players are going to have an amazing time.

If you are a fan of the Mage Tower quest, then you would be delighted to know that there is a similar challenge in Horrific Visions. The famous character Wraithon will guide the players through the treacherous scenarios of the corrupted Stormwind and Orgrimmars. These quests can help you get a legendary cloak that will be very helpful in the N’Zoth battle.

We will have more details for you on Visions of N’Zoth as soon as the company releases more details. This patch is gearing towards the WoW public test realm pretty soon. Stay Tuned.


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