More than ever before, people from all walks of life are struggling to stay on track, from decluttering their inbox to organizing their schedules in an attempt to do more on the go.
Numerous apps designed and released daily including games, entertainment, news and more.

However, productivity apps have seen a significant increase in popularity as students, employees, freelancers and business people try to stay more and more efficient in today’s competitive world. A survey of yearly increase in-app category for 2017 shows that productivity apps have risen by 20% and stand 4th after shopping, entertainment, and business apps.

Currently, there are hosts of productivity apps for mobile whether you are using Android or iOS., To help you find your perfect productivity app, here is a list of 7 apps so you can stay productive and do more in less time – and they are free!

1. helps you stay on track through a to-do list that you can share with and assign to others, reminders, and notes. You can sync your lists between different devices such as your phone, PC, online and tablet.

Calendar integration is available for better task list management. It helps you stay more efficient and boosts productivity through sub-tasks and file attachments. Plus, with a voice-entry feature, you can just verbally add items to your list.

2. Google Drive

Google’s cloud storage service, Drive helps users keep daily tasks in order especially for teams. It offers easy document upload and download, efficiently sharing files and collaboration.

Drive has super easy configuration and settings, structuring and organizing folders and access to documents with relevant details. It also comprises built-in view for documents including images and videos. Plus, it can be easily integrated with the rest of the Google ecosystem.
Email Genies

3. Astro

According to research by McKinsey, high-skill knowledge workers consume 28% of their workweek managing e-mail. That is close to 1/3rd of a workweek. A well-managed inbox can save you a lot of time for other constructive tasks.

Astro comes as your inbox assistant that will gladly help you get your inbox organized. The built-in, virtual assistant will assist you in decluttering and setting follow-up reminders. It also highlights any email that might need your attention and has a built-in calendar.

4. Trove

Trove is another app to keep your inbox in order. Trove offers insights on your inbox ensuring that important emails are not neglected. It comes with a “Radar” section that flags emails needing answers. It also gives a “nudge” option so you can remind people to respond to you. With the “Connect” tab, you can keep a track of your connections with other people.

5. Pocket

Want to stay on top of the news and current affairs? Take a look at Pocket. This free app allows you to save links to news pages, images, videos and a lot more. You can save an article, video or link to read or watch later.

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This app also syncs across different devices so you can access it from anywhere even when offline. What’s more? You can save information of any type to Pocket from different locations whether it is your computer, email your favorite apps such as Feedly, Twitter, Facebook, and Flipboard.

6. Buffer

With so many social media platforms, each focusing on a different type of audience and social network, it can be a little chaotic and confusing to follow up and schedule posts.

With Buffer, a social media management tool, you can easily handle multiple accounts, schedule posts and monitor detailed analytics. Buffer supports popular social media networks including Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.
Shopping and Deliveries

7. Slice

Slice is your all-in-one package tracking tool. Mailing and receiving packages daily can be straining. Especially if you are running a home-based business or organizing a personal event. Slice helps keep your deliveries on track by scanning your email for shipping notices and curates those items into a list.

Slice also sends you alerts as deliveries are completed or received with important updates through the process. The best part, Slice helps you track your finances by keeping in check the money spent with various vendors. It also notifies you if anything is on sale and if you qualify for a refund.

8. Bring!

If you want to make your monotonous but mandatory grocery shopping experience easier, the Bring! the app will do just that. You can create multiple lists of items to be bought. Moreover, you can add items to your lists based on category quantifying them using different units. You can organize a shopping list individually or share lists with others by clearly assigning who needs to bring what.

Do you have a favorite productivity app? Let us know in the comments below.

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