With over tens and thousands of successful sales, the Kindle Fire HD Tablet has become a household name. The product is perfect; at least that’s what the majority thinks. The question is: am I here to write a Kindle Fire tablet review? Nay sir, that ain’t the case. I’m here to talk about this tablet’s highlights and that too in brief details.

If you are aching to read an actual product review, head over to the Kindle Fire HD Tablet Amazon sales page. Their writers have done an awesome job already.

Advantages and Critical Updates about Kindle Fire 7 HD Tablet:

kindle fire hdx tablet

For the record, I have been an iPad 1 owner since the day Apple released it. Now that I think of it, I may have been the first guy to buy the iPad. <Chuckling slightly…> Since my purchase of Apple’s very first tablet, I have worked my way up the food chain. The iPad 2, the iPad 3, the iPad mini and now finally the Kindle Fire HD 16GB Tablet; they are all under my belt.

The only reason I am not reviewing the Fire HD is because plenty of people have said a boatload of stuff about it already. There are Kindle Fire HD Tablet reviews almost all over the internet. These reviews vary over different degrees of quality; the ad junkies with their affiliate networks have the typical copy-paste content, while the better ones are sulking over at Amazon.

So here goes a bit of stuff about Kindle Fire’s in depth analysis. This is a part by part breakdown of what I liked about this tablet and some recommendations from my side…

Kindle Fire Build Quality: Imagine a uni aluminum body, but with slightly stronger and heavier feel. If that’s too hard to think of, you should considering buying the Fire 7 HD. The rubberized back texture will kick in a delicate feeling of sophistication, class and elegance. For the price, Amazon developers have done a fantastic job on the device’s externals.

Screen Quality: You can’t wish for everything to be perfect. I don’t know why they put the “HD” wording in Kindle Fire HD, but some of the apps look pixelated. If you have experience with the iPad or the iPhone with retina technology, that’s exactly how the screen looks like.

When I tried playing a few games on this Amazon eBook Reader, I was not impressed at all. The graphics were not HD level. Maybe you think they are but not by my standards. There’s no “High Definition” stuff going on. Maybe they will update the apps for better display.

Ads on Kindle Fire Lock Screen: First of all, I’d like to talk some sense into advertisers. Who pays attention to locked screen ads? In fact, this is a deceptive measure for advertising because you are somehow increasing the probability of ad clicks in hopes for putting them on the Kindle Fire HD lock screen.

The display quality of ads is really nice though. I adore the crisp layout, but there are times when these ads become irritating. If possible, I would have paid another $10 to blow them damn ads to smithereens. Sometimes the edges look a little contorted and out of proportion. I have heard other customers complaining about Kindle Fire lock screen advertisements too.

Sound Quality: I have the 16GB version of Kindle Fire alongside the official Kindle Case that I bought from Amazon. The sound quality is so vibrant and clear that it doesn’t fuzz or fade because of the case wrapped around it. I don’t think anyone will complain about the tablet’s sound quality, as Amazon did a fine job of beating expensive speakers through an ordinary sound system.

And it Crashes too? Oh yeah, the Kindle Fire crashes sometimes. I had these two separate incidents when my apps crashed the moment I tapped them open! Maybe it was the tablet overheating? Oh no, that would be a big issue. Well, maybe the Kindle Fire had a conflict with the iOS stability patterns.

The bottom line is that the day was saved when I tapped again. The apps run fine. I watched a few movies through the in-built Kindle Fire video player. As time and updates go, Amazon will fix any pending issues that have been “bothering” Kindle loyalists lately.

kindle fire hdx tablet

Button Layout: I’m going to talk about the volume / power buttons on this tablet. Maybe I have stubby fingers or whatever, but I find it hard to press these buttons. One reason could be the Kindle Case, which is slightly preventing my fingers to press the Power/ Volume buttons the Fire HD tablet. Add the fact that I am also an avid iPad user; it will take me a little more than usual to get used to these buttons.

Battery Life: The Kindle Fire HD battery life is not gold standard, but I still love it. I have tried playing a few games and movies, which is a known factor for draining battery quickly. Especially when you dedicate at least 2 hours of non stop gaming on the Fire HD every morning like clockwork, it has to affect the battery timings.

The iPad has of course better battery life. But then again, the iPad product lineup is also expensive when compared in this context with the Kindle product lineup. At maximum settings, this eBook reader/ tablet still retained its battery performance at the cost of 15% drainage. Not bad for a $199 device.

Having Trouble Synching Music to Your Kindle Fire Tablet? Synching music to Kindle or any other device is fun as long as you know what you’re doing. Otherwise, it’s just another walk in the labyrinth, my friend. I strongly recommend the ‘Easy Phone Transfer’ application because this app transfers everything from everywhere to your preferred device.

For instance, I have the HTC One X right now. The last time I used ‘Easy Phone Transfer’ to synch media content to my Kindle Fire tablet, all my music covers, album content, digital content and etc. was ported over.

kindle fire hdx tablet


There is ‘iSyncR’; it is a fine app, but you’ll have to pay $3 to access its full features. The only setback with ‘iSyncR’ is some of the synchronized content will not show up on your Fire HD. This problem is not limited to Kindle devices only; I experienced it on my other tablets as well.

To be honest, I kind of get anal with Album artwork if it is not transferred during the sync process. Looking it those blank thumbnails, while listening to my favorite songs, makes me puke. However, someone from Amazon called me. Not to mention the fact that Amazon has the best customer service, they told me that there’s a strategy to displaying album cover images correctly on Kindle Fire HD tab.

The Giant 32’’ Kindle! Yeah, I took the liberty of attaching the Kindle Fire to my 32’’ inch Samsung LED TV. It was fun. Everything was crystal clear. Though not the perfect BluRay quality, the display was still impressive. It was like using a giant Kindle inside your living room!

Some Things that I Didn’t Like about Amazon Kindle Fire HD 16Gb Tablet?

Lack of Google Play: In case you didn’t notice this, there’s no easy way to access Google play apps from your Kindle Fire tablet. It don’t matter if it’s Kindle Fire or the Kindle Fire HD, the OS has limitations and that’s about it.

The good news is that despite of the lack of Google Play apps on Kindle, you can still get them through other means. Try downloading them through torrents or 3rd party websites on the internet. There are how to guides about how to install Google Playstore apps on Kindle devices.

Kindle OS Pending Changes:

First of all, the battery meter could use a little bit of revision, and secondly, it would be nice to see an actual percentage bar rather than a progress bar. In fact, the progress bar is a very old concept. I would have loved for Kindle developers to directly show battery progress inside the small bar with some kind of numeric representation.

The personal video selection folder is accessible through the Personal Videos app on Kindle Fire HD. The videos are represented by thumbnail images, which makes it confusing to actually locate the video that you really need to watch. Let’s say, you have installed multiple Arrow Season episodes on Kindle Fire HD tablet.

These episodes will probably have the same thumbnail image, which makes it difficult to remember the last viewed episode. A list view would have been better.

Overall Experience with Fire HD?

Before buying the Kindle Fire HD, you need to be clear headed. I bought this eBook reader, not for reading books, but for portable media entertainment. For $200, this tablet is serving its purpose.

I am not comparing it with the iPad 3 or any other latest tablets, because this would only ruin product image for me. Kindle series deserves a 5 star. Given the price tag, this tablet/ ebook reader is a perfect match for just about any level of users.

Word from Amazon about the Kindle Fire HD Tablet 16GB Version?

When it comes to HD displays, great resolution is just the start. Unlike other 7″ tablets, Kindle Fire HD delivers rich color and deep contrast from every angle, with an advanced polarizing filter and custom anti-glare technology.

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