People around the world face sorrows and difficulties ranging over a multitude of reasons. Sometimes these stress-related factors are connected to work, while other reasons could be home difficulties; arguments with the spouse, disease, death in the family, etc. One thing that can change a person’s mind and life is his own self. By being yourself, you change your life as much as it is needed. 

Perhaps such changes could be starting with a new goal, or working on some kind of achievement. By doing so, one can improve his/her mental health. Psychologists also interpret such activities as brain detoxifying methods; something that will put your mind at ease in the long run. 

Of course, it’s just that in this today’s world nothing is easy. There is no such thing as free lunches, and we can certainly assume that things are not going to happen overnight. However, since the point of writing this article is to help you detoxify your mental state, we will talk about those practices in detail. All these techniques are free, easy to adapt and certainly mandated for every man and woman out there.

For a sparkling mind and body connection, all you need to have is fresh air, water, and a brush. I am sure you have your brush at home. If not, a hairbrush is not too expensive to buy. We are going to create balanced emotions that will flush out the negative toxins out of your system – Hence making your mind strong.

Breathing Techniques for Immediate Mental Toxin Relief:

I know all of us breathe and that comes to us naturally – so much so that we sometimes take it for granted. What if some of you fail to breathe correctly? Most of us just breathe shallowly just because our lives are just too busy and constricted that we leave out on the best pleasures of inhaling and exhaling.

Therefore, over time, shallow breathing bogs down the lungs with fatigue and oxygen deprivation. There is this brain fog which helps in accumulating toxins inside your system. It is important to breathe properly inhaling the air so that it reaches the depth of our bodies.

The best Indian technique of breathing, famously known as Kapalbhati, means a Sparkling Mind. This technique has worked wonders for people who have encountered breathing problems in the past.

The first and foremost step for breathing properly is to get aware of your breath rate. Since breathing comes naturally to us, we fail to concentrate on its flow. Technically, we breathe from the upper portion of our lungs and so it fails to reach fully within the diaphragm. 

We must take out a few minutes in a day to breathe deeply. This will pump in more oxygen inside our body to help the tissues to detoxify. From this point onward, the mind will be clarified and gives positive vibes to the body system – hence leading to a positive emotional state of mind. 

The Kapalbhati breathing practice produces more positive output in our body systems. For effective practice, you need to sit in a comfortable position with your spine erect. Adjust yourself so that there are no destructions; breathe normally for a minute and when you are composing you can start any time.

In addition, exercise the diaphragm by exhaling quickly and suddenly by using both the nostrils. If you have properly done the aforementioned, your nostrils should produce a puffing sound. While this technique is in progress, do not focus entirely on the inhalation part – It will come automatically to you.

Repeat the exercise in three rounds consisting of 11 strokes each. This is the beginners plan you can increase the rounds as you become focused.

Don’t Forget to Keep Your Body Hydrated:

We hear a lot about body dehydration and hardly take it seriously. The only time we pay attention to such details is when we are going experiencing those problems on our own. Wouldn’t it be better to keep up your guard way before you actually hit a medical issue? 

Dehydration is very common and still, some people hardly realize being the victims. The global rule states a person should drink at least 2.2L of water daily. Do the math and it breaks down to nine cups approx.

This much amount of water is essential to flush the toxins out of the body. This not only purifies your system but helps to ease the stress put on the kidney and liver that are the main functional body parts. 

The doctors recommend drinking plenty of water in the mornings especially as toxins get accumulated during the night. You can even add the lemon juice to spice up the taste and it also supports the liver too. Lots of Chinese mediums are used in the daily world. 

The word from Chinese medicine states that the liver is the seat of anger and kidney with fear it is very important to balance the organs for emotional upkeep. We need to drink purified water as many times as possible otherwise it would be like trading one toxin for another. The highly recommended reverse osmosis is said to be the best method of water purification as it removes fluoride too as in any other methods.

Skin Brushing is Just as much Important as Hair Brushing:

Another best and economical way is to brush your body with the dry brush. All you need is wide; long handle natural bristle brush that will help slough away dead skin cells. You can start with your feet stroking in the upward direction starting with the dry skin towards the heart.

Doing so stimulates the lymphatic immune system as also reducing the toxin cellulite cells. Brush your whole body – legs, arms, back, and abdomen, it will take hardly 5-10 minutes of your daily time. Enjoy your hot shower bath afterward. 

Drink a glass of water and you will see the difference.


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