Drive Angry 3D is just another movie, portraying a typical hero with a badass attitude. This time, it isn’t the mob, mafia or dirty cops that have pissed off Nicholas Cage – This time, it’s a Satanic Cult who killed his lovely wife and dared to kidnap her baby daughter.

I think that the baby will be saved by the end of the movie, because the cult leader plans to gut her in one of his remote satanic rituals. And there’s no way our cynical movie censor board is going to let the developers off with a baby gutting scene.

The Devil and The Sexy Broad:

drive angry amber heard

Oh lala, it’s Amber Heard posed as a sexy girl who happened to cross ways with Nick Cage. Story has it that Cage needed a ride and our girl told him that she doesn’t like to deal with weird looking hitchhikers. Cage smiled and got into the Car and BAM!! Several snapshots later, they’re in this hellhole together, while trying to deal with a sadistic villain who is always doomed to die by the end of the flick.

As far as the Devil is concerned, remember William Fichtner? The guy from Prison Break Season 2? He played the role of “Alex Mahone” an FBI agent in search of the escaped convicts. Well, Fichtner happens to be the Devil in Drive Angry 3D.


He has his classy black suit, tie and shoes all polished up for the role. His interests are common with what Cage wants, so he cuts him a deal in the flick. Also, let’s not forget all the matrix style moves that Fichtner pulls off, while defying all laws of nature and gravity.

The 3D Effect:

Call it a desperate move to turn heads towards the same old 70’s style movie, or whatever you may want to call it, but did they really have to add “3D” at the end of “Drive Angry”? Seeing to the increase in the 3D visuals market, it doesn’t surprise me at all that most of the movies end up with “3D” at the end of their names or trailer.

The Verdict?

Well, it’s still going on the road as I write down this preview-ish sort of article. I’m going to download this movie as soon as it is released. It’s just meant for writing down a decent review later on. Stay tuned and do watch the trailer below. Laugh your guts out…

P.S.: I loved the roar of those classic muscle car engines in this movie. It’s music to my ears.


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