Halo 4’s single player mode is good, maybe “awesome” for a lot of diehard fans out there. On the contrary, when we talk about the Halo 4 map pack rollouts, experts beg to differ. People have mixed views about the overall Halo series DLC (Downloadable Content).

Come to think of it, if you are comparing Halo 4 with Call of Duty and Battlefield series DLC, which one would you prefer? Set your feelings aside for a while; be a little “unbiased”. For Battlefield, and CoD Downloadable Content, I will say that they are all themed in perfectly with the game style.

What about Halo 4? 343 Studios and Certain Affinity release their map packs by the bundle these days. It looks like they have a quota; 3 maps (Daybreak, Perdition and Outcast) for this month or so and 3 maps for the next 4 months. Where’s the creative streak in that? I don’t see anything.

Here’s to Halo 4: Castle Map Pack. It was released over a week ago. I thought about letting you guys in on the lows and highs of this DLC pack. Let’s see what map pack is all about and whether it meets our expectations. Mind it; “I am a scary judge of DLCs”!!

Halo 4: Castle Map Pack DLC Review – It Comes in Multiples of 3

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Daybreak: This was one of the visually stunning maps that inspired something in me. I loved what the devs had to offer. It is lovely if judged in terms of graphics. I am keeping Xbox 360’s GPU power in perspective here, which is why I think that the map has utilized resources effectively.

Castle Map Pack has an autumnal outdoor environment. Spartans are everywhere, firing their favorite guns at each other. Someone is ducked behind something, while reloading frantically; others are just basking in the ambience of pure blood bath. And here I am casually drifting in the blissful euphoria of a non-alcoholic Cindy, with the 360 controller by my side.

Daybreak, in fact, gorges on the gorgeous backdrop of a rugged terrain. There is a different style of play. There are up top places; good for sniping and hiding. The lower valley like areas is where you can switch to you Halo 4 Assault Rifles for a close encounter with your doppelganger types.

I suggest that you keep your sniper rifles focused on small outposts. These outposts have multiple entry and exit rooms; very risky for people going in there, and a huge strategic bonus for someone looking to deliver death from afar.

Additionally, there are caves where you can enter. Daybreak’s caves have sort of secretive entry and exit points. Granted that someone’s shotgun isn’t pointed at an exit point, you will have a plus one over your enemies. Think of the element of subtleness when it’s about caves in Castle Map pack.

Outcast: Moving on with the Castle Map pack review, we are going to talk about Outcast now. It is punctuated with Rocky Mountains all over. Well, not exactly “mountains” because they give the look of pillars that have been corroded over time and years of fearsome battles. The map itself is both line up with open spaced environment for those on foot, and a sense of suffocation for those on vehicles.

Indeed, there are tons of vehicles to be driven in Outcast. Mongoose, Warthogs, Wraith Tank and even a Mantis Mech Suit is at your disposal. The toughest part is maneuvering these vehicles among pillars and tightly knit quarters. At times you will need these vehicles; while there will be moments where you will regret riding them in the first place.

Without a doubt, I will say that vehicles are a real test of skill in Castle Map Pack’s Outcast map. For strategic advantage, try and mount the guns over there. If you have failed to secure these military outposts, you can use your trusty Spartan Laser and Rocket Launchers all over the map.

Perdition: Finally, we jump to Perdition, the last piece of the puzzle. It resembles one of those “Chitral Valley” maps from Medal of Honor. There are ramps, corridors and steps linking to one another. However, all routes don’t lead to a similar location. Take them as hot spots for travelling from one place to another.

How so? Perdition is purely reliant on on-foot, up close and personal encounters. It is a map made for classic death match aficionados. You will need to rattle all your instincts and past experiences with FPS Death Match modes to survive in Perdition. You need to be quick; super fast and instinctive. There is no time for thinking.

Initially, Perdition will irritate you. If you have no experience with intense TDM’s, this map will possess moments of nerd rage for you. You will respawn over and over again, until you have perfected the techniques.  People say that this map is the least interesting of the Castle Map Pack series. The devs could have done some extra to renovate the map’s basic elements with hopes of life.


Overall, the Halo 4 Castle Map Pack is not a 5 out of 5 type. For the time being, and until Halo 5 comes out, learn to live with it. Halo 4 is one of the last games to be enjoyed on Xbox 360. Already, Durango (Xbox 720) is on its way. It will be a whole new and completely different era of gaming. For now, throttle back in your gaming seats and enjoy whatever any gaming company has to offer.

Download Your Halo 4: Castle Map Pack copy today.

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