Good news for the Star Wars merch Collectors out there. The new toys and Action figures from the upcoming movie “The Rise of Skywalker” and the brand new Disney Plus series “The Mandalorian” have been revealed on Thursday, just a week before their release on Oct. 4.

If you really can’t wait for their release, you can get a sneak peek of all of the main attractions that will be launched in a week in the list below.

Star Wars Mandalorian

  • First off, if you are a fan of the Sphero BB-8, the toy company Hasbro has an amazing new toy for the Rise of Skywalker family. This adorable little droid is completely controllable with your smartphone or mobile device via Bluetooth (Android or iOS).

You can make him move, make him do different expressions intentionally. He even has a passive mode that lets him react to different sounds in his surroundings. He is exclusive to the Target stores and will cost you about $150 (about £122, AU$222).

  • There is obviously some new toys of the Supreme Leader named Kylo Ren’s Force FX Elite lightsaber. It’s a bit expensive at $300 (about £244, AU$444), but this one comes with a lot of customization options that include removal blades and a Kyber crystal unit that can be inserted.

Star Wars Mandalorian

  • Of course, there are also the Black Series Figures too which are amazingly priced at $25 (£20, AU$37). They have some incredible work done on them in the facial department. where the company has invested a lot to recreate the actors’ faces on the toys. The initial figures will just be the white edition, but the black edition will soon follow them.

The company Hasbro, which is making these toys, is also releasing carbonized versions of the black series that will have a shiny metallic finish. They’ll still cost the same as the normal version but are exclusive to a different retailer.

The Mandalorian toys will only be available at Target, the First Order’s Jet Trooper will be a Walmart exclusive, Sith Troopers at Amazon and lastly the Second sister at GameStop.

A great number of Toys and action figures are coming with this being just a small sampling of the boys that are going to be released on October 4 (this year’s Force Friday).

Force Friday started as an annual marketing bonanza way back in 2015 even before the Force Awakens opened on the big screen. Every year since, Lucasfilm has revealed its lineup of new fan merch (collectibles and toys, etc.) for their upcoming projects, well every year except 2018.

It is a sort of marketing event combined with a large collection of Easter Egg situation, that the true fan base can decipher from these toys and collectibles.

The release dates for the projects have also been revealed. The Mandalorian (Disney Plus Tv-Series) will start streaming on November 12. The video game “The Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order” will be released on November 15 and the main film project “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” opens in cinemas on December 20, so mark your calendars accordingly.


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