Last time, yours truly wrote a Sony BDP-S590 Blu Ray Disc Player. However, it was felt that a lot of stuff needed to be covered, even after the review was written from the perspective of helping users.

Therefore, you will find a boatload of information about minor Sony BDPS590 Player Errors, common Sony Blu Ray Disc Player setup mistakes, BDP-S590 compatibility issues and so much more.

*Note: The issues discussed in this article are a result of online research and most of the questions found at the official Sony BDP-S590 Amazon sales page. You can either visit Amazon for further details or contact me directly at [email protected] for immediate help.

Sony BDP-S590 Player Errors, Compatibility, Plugin, and Common Issues Resolved:

Sony BDP-S590

  • Is my Sony BDP-S590 Player Compatible with Old Sony Trinitron or Other TVs?

Yes, not only does the Sony BDP-S590 Blu Ray Disc player support 23-year-old Sony Trinitron TV models, it also works with several other TV sets.

You only need to make sure that the TV has those Red, White and Yellow ports for audio-video output. They are also called RCA jacks. If your TV’s connecting port is different than the one that the Sony BDPS590 Player supports, you can use RCA convertors.

These converters are easily available at Amazon and various other shopping websites. Besides, Sony still maintained backward compatibility in the BDP-S590 model for “old” time’s sake. The videos running through RCA jack will NOT be of the standard Blu Ray quality. For full experience, buy a new TV set with an HDMI port!

  • Does the Sony BDP-S590 Blu Ray DVD Player work with Samsung Speakers?

Technically speaking, the Sony BDP-S590 DVD/ Blu Ray disc player is like your ordinary CD player. The thing that matters is understanding how the audio is generated. The player itself emits low output sound through the audio ports. IF and only IF this sound does not require a high-quality amplifier, you can use any speakers for listening pleasures.

I have a 5.1 Edifier Home Theater system. It does not work with the Sony BDPS590 player because the entire setup cannot be:

Sony BDP-S590

  1. Directly connected to this Sony DVD Player
  2. An AV receiver/ amplifier needs to act as a medium between both products

You can connect your Samsung or any other company speakers by cabling this Blu Ray player directly to the speakers and the TV audio input/ output jacks.

  • I cannot hear properly. There is no subtitle information/ option on the Sony BDP-S590 player. What should I do now?

Well, you should get your ears checked or buy a new pair! Nah, just kidding. This DVD player does have the subtitle enable/ disable option. There is also a button at the right side of the Sony BDP-S590 remote control. Look closer; look harder.

In fact, I just finished watching a show on Netflix. The subtitle option was working fine by default.

  • Is this Sony Blu Ray Disc Player Compatible with Vizio 3D TV Sets?

First of all, the only reason that people prefer to buy Vizio 3D TVs is that they are cheaper than the rest of the lot. The good news is that yes, Vizio 3D players work great with the Sony BDPS590. In fact any 3D Blu Ray disc player should be compatible with Vizio 3D TV sets.

Though this TV is great, you are better off with Samsung 3D TV series or other televisions that are way better. You can also use a non-3D TV with this Sony DV player. There should be no issues of any kind.

  • I want to play PAL region content on my BDPS590? Does that work?

I don’t know for sure whether PAL region/ PAL content is strictly “forbidden” for play on the Sony BDP-S590. However, what I do know is that the official player manual does not directly state anything supportive of PAL related stuff. Take a look at it yourself:

Discs that cannot be played
* BDs with cartridge
* DVD Audio discs
* Data part of CD-Extras
* Super VCDs
* Audio material side on DualDisc

Playable discs

CD*3 CD-DA (Music CD)
Super Audio CD

* A disc recorded in a color system other
than NTSC, such as PAL (this player
conforms to the NTSC…

  • I have a 3 Month Qello and Hulu Promo Offer. Can I use it on the Sony BDP-S590 Model?

As far as I know, you can use the 2 month Hulu Plus offer on the BDPS590. For Qello, people have mixed reviews. Some say that it does work; others have the opposite opinion. But just to make sure that both these promotional offers can be availed, I request you to register your Sony BDP-S590.

After the device is registered, some additional features are either made available or they become easily accessible. From this point onwards, you can try Qello and Hulu promotional offers.

  • I want to stream Pandora Radio and iHeart Radio on the Sony BDP-S590 Blu Ray Player. How does it work?

Pandora is a universally recognized radio station. At least it doesn’t have any issues whenever you want to stream content. For iHeart Radio content, Sony has not printed any special iHeart logo on the BDP-S590 box cover. Besides, many people don’t use iHeart radio.

If you are a frequent iHeart Radio user and you happen to own this specific DVD player model, I request you to give us your valuable input at [email protected] immediately.

Sony BDP-S590

  • Can I Play Music CDs and Online Music through Windows Media Player on Sony BDP-S590?

Yes, this DVD Blu Ray disc player does support music CDs. You can play them. I am not so sure about Windows Media Player music streaming. The software is DLNA compliant, alluding that music should stream easily on the BDPS590.

I talked about setting up a Wi-Fi connection in my Sony BDP-S590 review. Wi-Fi is easy to set up. Perform a couple of firmware updates. They should fix your WMP music streaming and many other software related problems (if/any).


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