CNET recently wrote about how reverse image search can help you to prevent online scams. They specifically pinpointed Craigslist, in regards to how the author and family were planning a trip to New Orleans and were looking for a place to stay.

It is not a bad idea to look for lodging services at Craigslist. People, however, do warn about such lookups because there are a lot of scams involved at Craigslist. Other than the potential of losing your money to a complete stranger, you could be putting your life in danger as well.

How does the reverse imaging process help you?

You can look up anything through reverse image search. Mozilla Firefox and a couple of other browsers come loaded with multiple extensions to help you search the origins of any image. If I were to write frankly, a lot of people have been suggesting this service at Reddit’s porn section. Whenever a few “unnamed” hotties in the ‘Real Girls’ section or somewhere else pop up, people start inquiring about their whereabouts; that’s where the reverse image search comes in.

Anyhow, technology has its positive and negative uses. Let’s discuss how this service can really help you. Assuming that you are using Google Chrome browser, like me, you can select any image and click the “Search Google for this image” option to see how many times, and where the said image has shown up on the internet. Reverse image search is also useful when you are looking to

Google will most likely display an entire list of websites, alongside thumbnails, to indicate where the image was used before. In many cases, scammers use the same profile picture or set of images for their listings.

The reverse image service can help you track down their last known activity and the number of websites where they have been using the same image alongside same reworded text.

By the way, to top it all off, use Google Street View to view the ad’s address. Of course, in real life, you’re gonna want to go and see the ad poster in person. This gives you confidence and trust to hand over your money to someone you have never met before.

Good luck, and please do share your experiences through the comments section below.


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