A real-life replica of RoboCop or something similar is going to be released soon. Word on the street is that the U.S. government, in collaboration with a $2 Million DARPA program, is working on robot policemen who would take charge to maintain law and order.

Well, what do you know? A few years back, we all used to watch sci-fi thrillers with machines and robots prancing around with pneumatic guns in their hands – Seems like technology is finally rolling up its sleeves these days. New vistas, new possibilities, robots; what else is there to look forward to?


At the moment, a couple of brilliant Researchers at FIU (Florida International University) are coincided at finalizing a design version of a would-be robot. Assisted by U.S. Navy Reserves members, it is intended to make the robots go live one day soon. The idea is to invent patrol bots that would minimize the chances of real-life casualties while maintaining the same amount of threat against criminal activities.

RoboCop – The Hybrid Man-Machine:

I grew up watching RoboCop movies, right after the ‘What is Sexy’ womanhood commercials in between those video cassettes. Well, maybe you didn’t watch them, but in my case, ‘What is Sexy’ was part of my RoboCop movie marathons. Moving on, there are currently thousands of disabled police officers and U.S. marines who are not making a good living.


Such officers are and could be a huge asset to the RoboCop – Hybrid Machine project since the robot is going to require a man based pilot. The advancements aren’t advanced enough to let the robots swerve around on Auto-Pilot mode; therefore there has to be someone to control them via remote assistance programs.

The said officer will not only receive training to control these robots, but he or she will get paid for doing the job. Take Lt. Commander Jeremy Robins as a fine example of a man who took the initiative of funding this ongoing project. Robins has borrowed two robots, valued around $500,000 to help the FIU scientists and disabled officers to take a detailed gander at different aspects of these machines.

Rise of the Machines:

These so-called Telebots or RoboCops are going to have to be perfectly tuned. Now, I am not talking about mechanics and movements; this is of course just one aspect of the project – I’m referring to how the robot will look, talk and act.

In his report, Robins says, “The biggest obstacle is to design the robot as much possible to replicate a real-life police officer. Strangely, there would be more problems to handle despite a perfect design.” Still continuing, Jeremy Robins says, “The RoboCop has to look authoritative enough to influence criminals while looking adorable enough for kids and innocent people to approach. What if a kid has lost his mother and needs directions?”

Recommendations for the RoboCop Program?

Here are some interesting voice-over recommendations for future RoboCop. Our Editor worked hard on these:

  • “Say it now or hold your peace forever.”
  • “You are coming with me creep.”
  • “You are still coming with me creep, dead or alive”.
  • “End of the line mofo [Zaapppppp]”
  • “Hubba Hubba, that is one hot fembot.”
  • “Error Code 98786$%^$ – Self Destructing in 3 Seconds.”


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