Parrot Zik touch-activated Bluetooth Headphones are going to sound strange to you. Besides its unusual name and weird branding techniques, I have seen a lot of people oblivious to this marvelous headset.

By the way, if it comes to a disclaimer, I don’t have any prior experience with Parrot Zik headphones or any of the products that Parrot Co. had to offer. It was just that one day I was surfing around at Amazon and stumbled across Parrot Zik. The reviews seemed nice (120+ satisfied customers), so I had to give them a shot.

Anyhow, I have used Aliph/ Alph headphones, Kinivo products, and some other companies Bluetooth headset. They were all great but now that I’ve experienced Parrot Zik, my views have changed a little. For instance, 2 years ago, I mailed Aliph/Alph guys to enhance the noise cancellation technology. They were using Jawbone feature with their headphones, so I figured it’d be a nice suggestion.

Nope, they never responded. Well, it is their loss. Moving on to this Parrot Zik review, the Bluetooth headset is astoundingly awesome. Pardon the excessive use of adjectives, but I can’t help it. Take a look at what they have to offer straight out of the box.

The Good Stuff about Parrot Zik Bluetooth Headphones:

Design Factor: If I had the opportunity to meet the Parrot Zik developers in person, I’d thank them from the core of my heart. You know I have seen so many headphones and products, in general, out there that I can say for sure which ones have a cool design and which ones don’t.

This particular Parrot Zik touch-activated Bluetooth headphones model has metal parts in it. From the design perspective, they look nice. However, Parrot guys not only introduced metal to the headphones but while doing so, they also made sure that the metal area swivels, pivots and adds to the comfort factor.

There is a leather headband on the top, which is padded and appears to be quite cushy. Combine all the design factor and one can say for sure that these headphones are a piece of art; a subtle form of art I must say.

Wireless is for Winners: Not a lot to say here. These headphones have no noticeable sound-related issues, despite the wireless design. You will get quite a mileage out of everything.

Parrot Zikside by side

Is that Cloth I See? Oh yeah, they dressed up Parrot Zik real nice. There is cloth covering on the cable. I am guessing that they insulated the wires and then covered them with cloth, or maybe they didn’t insulate them but used a good quality piece of cloth.

Whatever the manufacturers did, the cloth tends to push the headphones life to a little extra.

Portability Factor: Overall, these headphones are quite portable. You can disassemble a couple of parts, but while doing so, there will be hitches. For instance, the battery cover can be removed but people tend to have issues with this feature.

I might have missed additional perks of having these headphones. It has only been 3 days since Amazon sent them to me. You can fill me in on any other details at our email: [email protected]

The Following Could Have Been Done Better:

I wouldn’t say that Parrot Zik headphones have a face that only a mother could love. I’d have given these touch activated Bluetooth headphones a 5 out of 5 rating if it weren’t for the following setbacks:

Designed by Philippe Starck, the Zik headphones host the most state-of-the-art technologies.

  • The point of removing battery cover seems illogical to me. The battery life does not last long in Noise Cancellation mode. On normal mode, the battery lasts for 10 hours max.
  • No hard case or box covering available for travel purposes. I see a lot of other headphones with a really cool handheld casing, specially built for tourists and travelers. Parrot Zik should have included that.
  • The earcups tend to get a little warm. In fact too warm for people who have sensitive ears. I am looking forward to updating this review in the Winter season, after using these headphones again. For now, let them melt my ears – I don’t mind it.

Parrot Zik Review for First-Timers – A Step by Step Analysis:

Remember when I mentioned at the beginning of this Parrot Zik review that I contacted another company with a noise cancellation suggestion? I said that it was years ago when I made that recommendation. Of course, who would listen to a small time product reviewer, when there are lots of big sharks out there?

Anyhow, it was exactly over a year ago when I heard Parrot Zik making a similar announcement. They said that they were going to use special technology to enhance noise cancellation. I was intrigued. I didn’t know much about Parrot products but I sure wanted to try them. The kind of environment that Parrot markets its products, it is noisy – something that’s perfect for noise cancellation publicity.

So here I am, testing these touch activated Bluetooth headphones in my car. The hands-free audio system is nice, as it offers unbeatable performance. Of course, the product demands a little fortune because it is spendy, but noise cancellation and supreme music playback quality were it for me. Here is a detailed analysis of what attracted me the most in Parrot Zik headphones.

Parrot Zik

  • Noise Cancellation:

Already, I have spoken a lot about noise cancellation feature in these headphones. From a “real world” perspective, the noise cancellation is not as dramatic as Parrot Zik showed it. I thought I could just enable the ANC (Automatic Noise Cancellation) mode and BOOYAAHH!! That would be it.

No, the fact is that there are times when you can still hear ambient noise. By the way, the term: noise itself has a very vague definition. At times, there are sound types which some people prefer to be pleasant, while others think that the so- and – so sound qualifies the definition of “noise.”

  • How effective is the Parrot Zik ANC feature?

If you are at a construction site, definitely the noise cancellation will not be as much effective as it is supposed to be. Frankly, a construction site example is too bold and extreme, but there are cases when your job requires you to go to a very noisy place, with nothing but a great Bluetooth headset to rely on.

At best, Parrot Zik can cancel ceiling fan noise, car engine noise, AC vents and etc. If the ambient sound it too loud or you are standing too close to the source, you will hear other things besides the actual conversation going on through the headphones.

  • Touch Sensor Sensitivity:

Talk about the touch activated features in Parrot Zik, and I gotta say that it is brilliant. Zik has a special interface for touch purposes. You can swipe your finger, you can touch certain areas and do all kinds of things to activate/ deactivate specific functions associated with them. It makes answering and toggling between calls a lot easier.

The technology is embedded in a nice way. It is not too salesy or “bright” as it mingles in an elegant manner with the design of the overall headphones.

  • Music Playback Quality:

Parrot Zik

Did I say that the music playback quality is supreme on Parrot Zik? I would like to elaborate on the “supreme” factor here. I used that word because I have my own standard of defining my experiences with any product. If something doesn’t feel good, I say it is “shitty”. If something seems genuinely interesting, I’d say it is “awesome”.

So, in my honest opinion, I can say that music playback on Parrot Zik Bluetooth headphones is really good. It is, of course, not as good as Sennheiser HD555 series or Bose iMei2 series headset because these baddies were purely made for playback purposes.

Zik, on the other hand, is made for business people who are constantly traveling. The main purpose of the headphones is to offer unparalleled call quality/ connectivity with an occasional dash of playback. Both of these purposes are fulfilled nicely.

To get the best bang out of your music collection, don’t forget to enable the Parrot Zik EQ and Concert Hall effect. The virtual equalizer is in there for a purpose; use it sparingly, and that too at custom settings to take audio to stunning levels.

Is Parrot Zik Worth buying? Final Thoughts and Conclusion:

The toughest part of any legit product reviewer is to conclude the review. It all comes down to whether the reviewer recommends the product, or he/she does the opposite. These things matter in case you have started to trust the website.

Now, I have had nothing but a positive experience with visitors who purchased products based on my recommendations. So, do I feel okay with Parrot Zik headphones? Before touting a solid “YES”, I would like to mention that I tested these headphones mostly on my iPhone 4 and HTC One X.

Parrot Zik

The Bluetooth compatibility worked seamlessly well. There was also a bass track that I used to test the dynamic range of these headphones. The low notes were good – so much so that I could even hear the rumble effect.

It is just how tight and articulate bass tracks play on Parrot Zik. I can’t and wouldn’t say that these are the best headphones out there, especially when other brands are always releasing something better by the clock.

However, to conclude it all, I will recommend Parrot Zik to everyone out there. If you are not okay with their sound quality and ANC stuff, you can avail the Amazon product grace period and return them as is. No questions asked. By the way, alternatives to these Bluetooth headphones would be Sennheiser, Grados (VERY EXPENSIVE) and Bose headphones series.

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