Asus Maximus Formula V Common Issues, Review and Advice to Fellow Gamers

Another day and I am getting along with another remarkable motherboard. This one is called Asus Maximus Formula V, or 5, as some people like to call it. Obviously it is...
fake review

How Do You Spot a Fake User Shopping Review?

Recently, while I was in the middle of creating a list of cool products for Cyber Monday, (I know it is way past Cyber Monday but I illustrated the example to...

Welcome to BioShock Infinite – The Land of False Prophets, Racial Slurs and Moral...

If you are madly in love with the Bioshock franchise, I see no reason for not reading this golden review!
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The Infinite Perks of Kindle Fire HD Tablet Over Others

With over tens and thousands of successful sales, the Kindle Fire HD Tablet has become a household name. The product is perfect; at least that’s what the majority thinks. The question...

Will she survive the Walking Dead? Clementine leads players to new discoveries in All...

Telltale Games did a good job when they created the first episode of The Walking Dead videogame for PC. Normally, I am a graphics whore but I overlooked such standards because...
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Plantronics Voyager Legend headset issues, review & firsthand experience

We review Plantronics Voyager Legend after spending well over two weeks with the latest Bluetooth earphone.
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