Panasonic TC-L47e50 Viera

Panasonic Viera TV-L47e50 Might Be The Shittiest TV Ever… Or Not

Quite frankly, I don’t have a reason to reason here. I am not reviewing the Panasonic Viera TC-L47e50 47 Inch screen TV to line up a sales pitch. Then why am...
Waring Toaster, Waring Toaster review

Waring Toaster – The Coolest thing on Your Kitchen Counter

You are not just buying a toaster when it’s about choosing Waring. This professional cool touch toaster has a lot more than what toasts your toasts to the best version of...
Sennheiser Adidas CX 680i

Reminiscing Sennheiser Adidas CX 680i Flagship Performance

Tired of sweaty beads trickling down, making their way to your expensive earphones and disabling them for life? Yeah, it happened to my JVC earphones once. I got pissed off, disappointed...
Bose mie2i

Bose MIE2i Mobile Headset Troubleshooting Guide

Tried, tested and proven for Excellency the Bose MIE2i mobile headset is meant to play the game for you. If these mobile headphones didn’t come with a few setbacks, which we...
Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption 2 Zombies Pack Braces for Launch

While playing the amazing Red Dead Redemption 2 for more than 40 hours, we didn’t think that the game needed more gore and dead people than the mass graves with people...
steelseries arctis 1, steelseries arctis 1 review, steelseries gaming headphones

Steelseries Arctis 1 Gaming Headphones Review, Features and Specs

If you are a gamer or a PC enthusiast, you would properly understand how important a well-constructed pair of headphones is. Why? Because it just makes the gaming or the overall...
borderlands 3, borderlands 3 review

Borderlands 3 Review & First Impression

Stubbornly is sticking to their guns and not changing their basic gaming structure even after a five-year absence, Borderlands 3 manages to outdo it’s the previous iterations in the series. The movement...
sound blaster ae 9, creative sound blaster sound card

Sound Blaster Ae 9 Review: Sound Card, Yay or Nay In 2019?

If you have been a computer nut since the mid-nineties then you have probably heard of Creative Sound Blaster sound cards. The Sound Blaster Co. sound cards were the talk of the...

5 Apps to Get Rid of Those Weight Issues

Weight loss is no joke and you won’t get into shape just by thinking about doing it rather than doing something about it. Getting up from your behind is the first...
Apple iwatch 5, apple watch 5

Is the New Apple Watch 5 Bringing Along a New Feature?

The new Apple watch leaks have been surfacing for quite some time now and they are quite exciting for Apple fans around the world. We have been scouring the internet for...