Google Manipulates Search Results, Says FTC. But Who Cares?

This isn't something nothing new; Google has been manipulating search engine results for a long time. Shit happens, man – what can I say? The entire world screamed at Google when...
energy take classic 5.1

Energy Take Classic 5.1 Performance Guide

I’ve been getting an awful load of emails from sound lovers all over the world, especially those who want to know Energy Take Classic 5.1 speakers in more details. Seeing to...
bose cinemate gs series ii

Bose Cinemate GS Series ii Review, Features and Specs

Want to interpret Bose Cinemate GS Series ii as just another bauble to your living room? Well, do whatever you want but if there’s one thing that’s true about the cinemate...
energy take classic 5.1 surround sound system

Energy Take Classic 5.1 Review, Features and Specs

My story is kind of unique when it comes to sound systems, especially Energy Take Classic 5.1. You see, a few years back, as an average guy who didn’t know a...
Nikon D5100

Nikon D5100 Hand-On Review, Features and Specs

Why wouldn’t you love to read a Nikon D5100 review, the one that’s gonna fill you in on all the attractive things about this camera? Of course you would. This is...
halo 4 official wallpaper

The Bodacious Halo 4 Castle Map Pack is Here

Halo 4’s single player mode is good, maybe “awesome” for a lot of diehard fans out there. On the contrary, when we talk about the Halo 4 map pack rollouts, experts...
onkyo ls3100

Onkyo LS3100 is a Great Alternative to Bose 2.1 Systems

Bose has been busting its nuts in my face for a long time now. I used to love anything that Bose had to offer; particularly their 2.1 series sound systems rocked....
canon eos rebel t3 professional photoshoot

Why we’re So Much in Love with Canon EOS Rebel T3?

Part of our camera review program is to highlight details about stuff that is easily affordable. I mean, I have reviewed the high end DSLRs; cameras that are not easy to...
Canon eos 60d digital dslr camera

Canon EOS 60D Review, Specs and Features

The standalone visage of a perfectly tailored body, smooth as silk lens cover, and a variety of bragaddacious results isn’t enough to explain what Canon EOS 60D is all about. Is...
zipbuds earphones

Beware of the Fake Zipbuds Earphones!

Editor's Note: This post was originally intended as a Zipbuds Earphones review. Few weeks ago, someone sent us a pair of Zipbuds for an exclusive product review. Little did I know...