It snaps, it precisely shuts the shutter, and boy does it take a pristine quality photograph? The Nikon D7000 Body Only camera is a marvel at its best. Your intestines are quivering to buy Nikon D7000, aren’t they? Oh yeah, once you have taken a photo off of this device, there’s no ending to filling up those munchy MicroSD Flash Cards. Read on as this review is about to unlock a ‘never-before-seen’ plethora of information…

Nikon D7000 Review for First Timers:

The last time I held a camera in my hands, it was a Canon EOS series edition, which is indeed a very good camera. It is extraordinary and scaled down to an amiable level of output. Today, however, as I tee across this Nikon D7000 review, it reminds me of that tingling frenzy that only Canon was able to deliver by a long shot.

Ever since then, I didn’t think that any other company would be able to impress me that easily. Bravo Nikon, you guys have done the job with the D7000 DSLR device.

What We Loved about Nikon D7000 Body Only Camera:

  1. One for All; All for One: Professional photographers love this device because of the way that Nikon streamlined an entire collection of control locations, operations, viewfinder buttons and an overall classy act. I’d like you to imagine a camera that none of the predecessor DSLRs from the same company, were able to deliver.
  2. Relatively Affordable: Pro category cameras always come with a heavy price tag. Ask your wallet; doesn’t it feel a blow when you end up spending $2,000 on a so called dream machine. Instead it turns out to be a sloppy experience on the average. Those dreams kind of shatter, don’t they?
  3. On the contrary, in case you want to buy Nikon D7000, it intoxicatingly venomizes owners with a sense of satisfaction. The device is relatively cheaper, it’s a solid investment and an overall nice bang for your buck’s worth.
  4. Top Notch Exposure: Grainy photographs aren’t that hard to overlook. Perhaps you might have been a little negligent in noticing but whenever newbie level photographers don’t know much about “noise” too much exposure or lightning settings, they tend to buy something that is mostly automated and easy to handle.
  5. When in the hands of a professional or a newbie, likewise, the D7000’s pro performance speaks up for itself. It has a solid metering and exposure combo. The camera isn’t shy of remaining faithful to all kinds of color contrasts without compromising too much on loss of shadows or sharpness.
  6. Rolling Shutter, Anyone? Let’s talk about videography for a while. While reviewing our previous Canon EOS 60D, it was specifically mentioned that Canon never went for that highly craved real time auto focus module.
  7. I don’t know why these guys don’t release an all-in-one kind of a product; something that would ideally embody an entire list of essential features. Anyhow, moving on to Nikon D7000 body only, I’d say that this device has been blessed with the goodies. Video capturing, even on default settings, is really cool. The auto focus system literally locks on to its “prey”, without distorting the contrast too much.
  8. Wheel of Fortune: The so called wheel of fortune (named by yours truly) on this particular camera model can help to immediately traverse among different settings. Not satisfied with the current flash mode category? Well, pop the Flash menu and cycle/ rotate the wheel through a multitude of different options to your heart’s desire.

Know This Before You Buy Nikon D7000:

Meet the new Nikon D7000, a camera ready to go wherever your photography or cinematography takes you.

  1. Your main intention is to record videos with an extra emphasis on audio quality. Though this camera is quite lenient on granting quality images, preciseness and definition to its videos, it doesn’t have a powerful microphone.
  2. That being stated, whoever have had experience dealing with weak microphones, will tell you that buying an external Mic is a mandatory requirement in case of particular recordings that might be highly important to you.
  3. At high ISO settings, you will see a slight decrease in the photograph quality. However, ISO is the kind of feature that most photographers don’t like to mess with unless they completely understand their shooting environments, light and textures within a frame. Therefore, there is absolutely no need of worrying about High ISO or whatever fellas.
  • Not meant for pixel peeps: You know the kind of nerds who will look into each photograph in an attempt to circumvent across the total number of pixels? Yeah, these kinds of guys will never be satisfied with anything.

Nikon D7000 Body Only Hands On Experience:

The biggest pleasure of having to write tech product reviews for a well off company is quite obvious: Sometimes, you get to order something for free. I got my share in form of an answer to my age old Nikon USA D7000. First look at the delivery box kind of yanked my chains to list down everything that could be expected of it:

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  • Nikon D7000 Body X 1 = Duh… But of Course…
  • MH-25 QuickCharger X 1
  • Eyepiece / Lens Cap X 1
  • Rubber Cup X 1
  • Official Nikon Camera Holding Pouch X 1
  • Body Cap X 1
  • D7000 Shoe Cover X 1
  • Setup & Application CD-ROMs X 2
  • Audio Video Cable X 1
  • Camera Strap X 1
  • EN-EL 15 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery X 1
  • Nikon D7000 Lens X 1 = 18-105mm f/3.5 to 5.6G

Upon further investigation, I found out that most of the marketing hypes associated with this camera were true. Yes, it does the occasional job of helping you to crisscross memories across the photo reels. But apart from this primary purpose, the entire thing is done in a most professional manner.

Having said that – you must have overlooked the fact that while you wanted to buy Nikon USA D7000, this thing doesn’t have a 1080p output. Probably, to you a 720p would be more than enough. But if you are really rooting for a camera specifically made for 1080p video/image results, you should look for alternatives, which I duly stated next in this Nikon D7000 review.

Here’s a nice list of other cameras from different companies that you might be interested in. They fall within, or a little above/ below the price range of Nikon D7000 body only.

Panasonic: In the smaller weight and price range, we’ve got a very nice Panasonic GH2. How much is the difference? How does $300 – $600 sound? Savvy, aint it? The Panasonic GH2 has what I like to call a “set of features” for a short range of entry level enthusiasts.

Nikon D3100: For a flat difference of almost $800, the Nikon D3100 falls in a different class of cameras against the infamous D7000. However, if by any means, you want to compare the results, the D3100 comes with an 18-200mm lens for the same price as that of the D7000, and it isn’t too skittish on photos either. *For more details about, don’t forget to checkout National’s tongue-in-cheek Nikon D31000 review.

Canon: Against your “buy Nikon D7000” related decisions, Canon EOS 7D stands tall as a suitable, and a budget friendly alternative. This puppy has been treated with 2 SD Card Slots, a 2016 RGB Metering Mode, and an overall build for nice photo quality.

Are You Planning to Buy Nikon D7000?

After reading this honest-Abe version of Nikon D7000 review, if you haven’t made your mind yet, then don’t rush it. Checkout the camera at Amazon and decide what works best for you.

This one is, without a shadow of doubt, a great camera. For DSLRs, the price isn’t too shabby either. In the end, if you are planning to pack a punch with your photos, the D7000 is supposedly a top priority in your today’s to-do list.

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