Several years ago, Amy Henslee, a Michigan native and a mother of 2 suddenly disappeared from her home. In a surprising turn of events, her body was found yesterday with several gunshot wounds. (Read on…)

Amy Henslee, a mother of 2 kids was found dead. Her body was buried 5 feet in the ground, in a rural area in Bangor Township. To further complicate the case, the dead body was accompanied by the body of another woman, who was identified as Tonya Howarth. The police officials have arrested Junior Lee Beebe, a 34-year-old guy who happens to be the cousin of Henslee’s husband.

So far, it looks like a case of a family feud or something like that. Beebe is held at the Van Buren holding facility without a bond. Followed by Henslee’s disappearance, the case was tagged under the typical missing person profile. However, the discovery of this woman’s body has closed the chapter for now.

According to the Juris Kaps, Van Buren County Prosecutor, “The women have died of multiple gunshot wounds.” Sources close to Henslee and Howarth suggest that the women were dating each other. It appears that on the night of her disappearance, Henslee left on her own with nothing much. The 30-year-old deceased woman was found wearing a pair of sneakers and a black coat.

Husband’s Side of the Story:

When police officers confronted James Henslee, husband of Amy Henslee, he said that the dogs were given Amy’s scent, which later on led them to discover her body. These dogs were taken to Beebe’s house in Bangor Township, which happens to be at a distance of 6 miles from Henslee’s house. James appeared to be shocked and choked a little while making every inch of an effort to finish his sentences.

Amy’s two sons, according to friends and family members, are holding up good. They’re in good health and are being kept occupied by a lot of loving people.

Tonya Howarth’s Background:

Tonya was said to be in an open relationship with Beebe. The duo had been dating on and off for a long time. Howarth had 2 daughters, but they were not living with the “couple”. One of Howarth’s acquaintances, Stefanie Hankins, told the media that she hadn’t had the chance to meet Howarth on a frequent basis. “I used to see her rarely because her boyfriend (Beebe) would beat her. I used to tell her that he’ll kill you one day” – said Hankins.

Officers have found Beebe to be involved in criminal activities in the past. In 1995, he was charged with several counts of larceny, drug dealing and grand theft auto. He was also proficient in mixed martial arts and holds a notable record in a number of competitions.

Amy Henslee’s sons are 8 and 10 years old. The older son won’t open up about his feelings. A Facebook fan page was recently created in the honor of Henslee. With over 5,000 members and tons of comments, the world is mourning the loss of this woman. Her younger son reportedly starts crying for his mother…


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