Have you seen the new Microsoft surface ad? You should. It is a new take on an old ad campaign started by Apple in the last decade, where Microsoft is using wordplay to diminish Mac Book’s superiority by using a guy called Mackenzie Book whose name, you guessed it, can be shortened to Mac.

Microsoft Trolled Apple with a Guy called Mackenzie:

If you are aware of the fued between the two companies, then you probably know about the ‘Get a Mac’ ads that used to run between 2006 and 2009. They showed PC and Mac Books as human beings, with the PC being broken and lame, while Macs were shown to be cool and very durable.

The best part of it was that it worked. It helped Macs succeed tremendously.

Apple has since moved on from those snide ads but Microsoft, as it seems, still has a bee in their bonnet.

Microsoft ads openly attack Macs and the new ad, from the looks of it, is no exception. However, for this new one, the company went with a different approach and found someone by the name of Mackenzie Book.

While watching the ad, you can clearly see that the reason Microsoft chose the guy just to highlight on the screen the words “Mac Book says…” quickly followed by many bold claims comparing the Surface Laptops to MacBooks.

Microsoft is Really Pushing You to Get a Surface Laptop:

This new direction that this ad campaign rivalry has started moving is quite interesting.

In the past, Apple’s ‘Get a Mac’ ads or as they were commonly known as Mac vs. PC, were directed towards changing the mindset of the people that Macs could never compete with Windows PC.

The best part of it was that the ad campaigns were actually a big hit because they were successful in changing people’s opinions about Macs and helped Apple get better and more successful over the years.

Now all these years later, the Mac has a reputation to uphold and it’s Microsoft’s turn to zero in on its territory and claim the top spot with its Surface devices. Hence the Nostalgic ad campaign that quite honestly shows that Microsoft is still bitter and wants redemption.

Should you listen to Microsoft and get a Surface Laptop?

microsoft surface pro

So what is next on this “Diss Ad” trail? Maybe Microsoft will get someone name Apple Martin to diss Cupertino. Or maybe this time Apple will employ someone named Mike Rosoft. Somehow we don’t think that either of these childish possibilities is likely to happen, so make the most of the insanity until it goes away.

This ad was, of course, just a humorous bit of fun but are the tables really turning in the Laptop market. Are the Surface Laptops really the dominant force in the market to dethrone Apple MacBooks? These ads are fun but investing your money on these laptops is a serious matter because none of them is cheap.

With heftier price tags and two completely different ecosystems, the customers nowadays have a clear side to choose.

Whether you go for Apple’s people-friendly ecosystem and devices that have become a style statement throughout the world or you go with Microsoft’s easy to use and heavily customizable Surface Laptops with an eco-system that is known throughout the world. Your Choice.


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