Watch out, guys! It’s got three legs and a nasty head. Normal people don’t have the slightest inkling about Manfrotto 055xPROB Pro Tripod, but somehow our friends over at the photography community love it. Why? Well, to find those queer reasons, you’re gonna have to keep reading!

Manfrotto is an old company – at least that’s what the fan base likes to say. I am in no mood for getting my face bashed in so I’m not gonna debate over the company’s age. What I do like about Manfrotto is its sense of ingenuity and the level of dedication they put into creating accessories for photographers.

Take Manfrotto 055xPROB Pro Tripod as a fine ass example of one of the best devices in the market. If you are a newbie level photographer, you probably resent the idea of buying a special tripod. I know I used to have the same feeling towards those horrid 3 legged metal freaks – Though it did change later.

Let’s just say that a few years down the road; you have accumulated a decent amount of money to buy high-level DSLR cameras. Obviously you would want the world and your jealous relatives to see your masterpieces in pristine form. What do you do? You don’t have Parkinson disease but your hands shake a lot.

Instead of bitching about hand steadiness, why don’t you invest some money on a nice camera tripod? The only reason I am recommending the 055xPROB Pro Tripod is that it comes with a lot of good reputation and a sheer amount of satisfaction at Amazon.

The Good Stuff about Manfrotto 055xPROB Tripod:

Manfrotto camera, manfrotto tripod

  • Can support weight up to 15.4 pounds. This much weight resistance doesn’t mean that you are allowed to rest your arms or lean on the tripod! Beware.
  • Leg diameters for Manfrotto 055xPROB Tripod Pro are 29.4, 20 and 25mm.
  • The maximum height for this Manfrotto model is 3.9’’/70.3’. Anything beyond this would have been too much to lob around.

The rest of the attributes are for me to explain to you in details. Besides, you can’t summarize a device’s awesomeness in bullet points. That being said, I will say this that thousands of people search for the best photography equipment and accessories on the internet. Most of the time, their search is met with sloppy results because there is not enough number of people to review good products.

Us, reviewers, on the other hand, don’t like to review products. But we do so because we don’t want you to waste your time looking for what’s really cool and what’s not worth it. The ONE review that should be able to reflect hours of research – that’s what a good reviewer intends to deliver.

The Bad Stuff about Manfrotto 055xPROB Tripod Pro Series?

Manfrotto camera, manfrotto tripod

Apparently, it is not important to talk about any shortcomings concerning this tripod. In simple words, it is simply amazing and never falls shy of delivering results. The only “bad” attribute or that streak of sour experience in my case is because of my own careless attitude.

When you are ordering Manfrotto 055x tripod from online retailer websites or buying it directly from local dealers, make sure that you are also buying the “head”. Just ask the guy for Manfrotto Head to go along with the 055xPROB model and he will give it to you. Without the head, there is not much use of this great accessory.

An In-Depth Analysis of the Manfrotto 055x Tripod: 

Manfrotto camera, manfrotto tripod

Scott Kelby, in his book: The Digital Photography Book talks a lot about camera tripods for DSLR and regular devices. He mentions – in fact, he recommends, Bogen 3001BD over and over again. In Kelby’s opinion, Bogen 3001BD tripod is the best because it is most affordable and quite sturdy.

Yes, Scott may be right because he is a high-level photographer. But ever since Bogen 3001BD’s release, a lot of other tripod models have been introduced in the market. It is a fact that Manfrotto 055xPROB Pro Tripod just happens to be better than what Scott recommended in his book. It is made of patented aluminum; there is a fold-down center column for great macro shots and a flip-type leg rock for amazing support.

Probably at this point, you are thinking that I am being biased. Maybe I am being biased and favoring the 055X model too much. But then again, if you don’t have much money, you can buy Manfrotto 190xPROB Pro Tripod. As a matter of fact, I forgot to mention that both Bogen 3001BD and Manfrotto 190x Pro Tripod are the same thing.

With respect to price comparison, the 190xProb is $15 – $20 cheaper than the 055XPROB model. However, there is a lot of difference in both tripods. The latest model, of course, supports heavier cameras and almost all the DLSRs from entry-level to professional level.


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