Gamers are quite familiar with all the decent computer accessories companies. I am not a big fan of Logitech because Razer surpasses performance-wise, but once in a while Logi guys make something worth our hard earned bucks. Speaking of which, it is time to rollout out an exclusive Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless mouse review.

This dandy little mouse retains the looks of its predecessors, but with the slight addition of nifty little features. One of them is concerning electromagnetic waves. Now, don’t get your panties jumbled up in excitement. By my standards, the electromagnetic touch-up is still a prototype. It is a step forward in the trend setter industry, but there is a lot of ground for Logitech geniuses to cover up.

The latest iterations in the MX lineup are incredibly well made with beautiful premium materials and amazing software updates. These updates include specific actions on a per-app basis that are triggered with specific buttons which will entice their loyal customers the freedom to be more productive and be used to USB-C connectivity.

Let’s dive in for a deeper understanding as to why this new series is so amazing.

Design and Comfort

The crown jewel of this series, which is also the biggest change in design the company has made this year, is that extraordinary scroll wheel which is built with the latest electromagnetic technology and a dubbed MagSpeed that easily lets you choose between a number of accurate scrolling modes.

You can take it for granted when we say that the new scroll wheel modifications are amazing and that is because of the fact that they were made in Switzerland and over there people know how to make scrolls and mechanical things like that in watches if you know of a company called: Rolex.

While the older generation MX Master mice wheels made some noise during line to line scrolling, the new ones are completely silent. Also, the wheel spins are much longer and smoother than its predecessors.

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There are two modes (Ratchet and Freespin) of the mouse’s wheel mechanism. Let’s take a look at both of the modes.

  • Firstly, the machined stainless wheel is open in the middle where the electromagnets are situated.
  • In the Ratchet mode of the mouse, where the wheel scrolls precisely from line to line, the two electromagnets are located in perfect opposing polarity. This helps to create friction with each line scroll and give that smooth scrolling ability.
  • In the Freespin mode, the wheel spins quickly and without any friction. This is because of the varying polarity not causing any friction in the steel wheel mechanism.

Depending on your preference, the users can choose between the two options Ratchet or Freespin. This is done by hitting the button underneath the scroll wheel.

There is also a toggle feature called SmartShift that adjusts the scrolling mode depending on how you move the wheel. This mode is very useful when you want to scroll through long PDFs or documents quickly. It also allows you to choose your scrolling mode while scrolling so you can easily decide whether you want to scroll one line or ten pages at one time.

A Big Bump up from the Previous Generation… Or Not

Structurally, the MX Master 3 is very different from its predecessor (*NOT) in a good way. With an all-new button layout and thumb rest, Logitech has really aimed at making this mouse more comfortable and intuitive during longer usage.

From the position of the thumb buttons, the wheel, to the forward and back buttons, this mouse was designed with muscle memory in mind. All of these buttons are conveniently placed vertically above the point where the thumb rests. 

The thumb rest also comes with custom features. It has a programmable gesture button that can perform an action when pressed, and several other activities if you press the button and move the mouse in any of the four directions.

The mouse is very chunky, but the softly textured palm rest is an amazing thing. This height of the mouse doesn’t let the hand get tired over long usage and provides grip through the textured surface.

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Right below the mouse is the power switch and that sweet toggle that makes this mouse an amazing leap forward from the previous generations. This toggle helps you to control 3 PC’s at once (more on this amazing feature later), and you won’t need to press any button to navigate the mouse from one screen to another.

There’s also a dedicated USB-C port for connectivity to your device and also for charging up the mouse with a USB-C to simple USB convertor if necessary.


Logitech MX Master 3

Performance-wise this mouse is amazing. Taking over from its predecessor, the Master 3 has the same sensors as the previous-gen with a DPI of 4000. This DPI is high for productive use like working in the office and navigating through excel sheets but it’s low for gaming as any gamer would tell you.

You can change this speed with a slider, and you can’t do any numerical increments but still it will still be able to keep up with all the crazy movements you do with it, whether fast or slow.

The laser sensor, this mouse is equipped with, is meant to work on any surface even if that surface is glass but it should be at least 4mm thick. Other surfaces may include wooden desks, marble countertops, and even bedsheets.

Logitech has upped their game when choosing materials this time around. These upgraded materials allow the device to work even better on the click-wheel and scroll through an amazing 1,000 lines of content in just one second. Users of the previous generation MX Master click-wheel will still get that amazing wheel response but there are no more loud scrolling sounds.

The new mouse takes over the previous gen’s performance and projects its own worth through a quieter experience, without sacrificing any of the good stuff. This smooth scrolling is due to the magnetic field created by the metal components introduced in this generation.

In day-to-day use, the latest generation Master 3 feels similar to the previous iterations. You will only feel slight differences if you are upgrading from the 2S. But if you put all of the changes together, it will actually feel like a huge step forward.

The things that make this device an incredible move forward by the company are its solid build quality, boosted customization features and the welcoming adaptation of USB-C port.

On the battery front, Logitech claims that on a full charge, you can use the mouse for more than 70 days.

The Master 3 comes with preloaded profiles for Adobe products like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, and other products like Final Cut Pro, Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Office.

If you are using any of the Softwares mentioned, those profiles will automatically be loaded when you start using the mouse and download the software. This is a new feature in the Master line, and it is so well crafted that some of the apps have similar profiles in order to help with muscle memory.

Setting several functions up by individual apps are supposed to help get rid of distractions when you are working. For example, in Premiere Pro the transitions shortcut is normally accessible from the keyboard, but with this new mouse, you won’t ever have to take your eyes off the screen.

The pre-made profiles were made for typical use, but If you don’t like Logitech’s setting for any app or software, you can disable the profile or build your own that is better suited to your needs.

Although this mouse was not designed while keeping gamers in mind, it can still serve them well due to its textured grip and more than comfortable palm rest that is very helpful in long gaming sessions. It is perfect for novice gamers, but more professional or competitive gamers will still prefer something lighter.

One Mouse To Rule Em’ All!

Logitech MX Master 3 with its new flow technology lets you connect one mouse to interact with and send files, texts, and images with many other media files across three different computers. To use these features, you need to have the Logitech recommended software on each of the computers. The same Wi-Fi connection is also required on all of the computers to transfer the files.

Logitech Flow technology is very similar to the Nearby Sharing feature on Windows 10 that lets you send documents, pictures and URL links to the close by computers if both of them are on the same Wi-Fi and using Bluetooth connections.

The main difference between Flow and Nearby Sharing is that you can copy and paste text or control different computers with Flow, but you can’t through the Nearby Sharing feature. An important thing to note is that if you don’t have a computer that doesn’t have Bluetooth LE or have more than one Logitech receiver, this new flow technology probably won’t work.

After connecting the mouse with the computers and enabling the Flow feature, you can arrange your screens on the software and make them accessible by either going to the edge to access the other screen or holding down the control button and then going to the edge. This feature was mostly designed for programmers, engineers and other professionals whose works require them to use different computers at the same time.

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While being a new technology, Flow works perfectly as it should with the Master 3, with the mouse transitioning smoothly across the screens. Copying and pasting text and other files were also very quick. You don’t have to worry about security with the flow file transfer as every transference is protected with AES-256 encryption.

Easy to Use and Understand

You won’t have to trouble yourself with tiresome installation processes with the Master 3 as it will work flawlessly from the moment it’s connected. You just need to download the free Logitech Options software for the amazing new features introduced with this new device.

Heavy users will greatly appreciate the capability of the button changing functionality or point/scroll settings based on each individual app.

You don’t need any professional technical skills to program the buttons because of how simple Logitech makes the process even with a large array of options.

Battery Life

Logitech claims that the new MX Master 3 will grant you usage for over 70 days with a single charge which can be achieved through a USB-C port or the included USB-C to USB Type-A cable if you prefer that. They also boast a three-hour usage with a charging time of just one minute which is quite impressive.

The software has a battery indicator with three bars that give you an idea about the charging health of the device and there’s also a single light next to the thumbwheel which will automatically turn red when your device will be low on juice.


When compared to the previous generations, the Logitech MX Master 3 is a huge leap forward and when the wheel is so much smoother, quieter, and ultra-responsive, then there’s no reason not to reinvent the wheel as the company rightly has.

Logitech while perfecting the wheelbase, also achieved something amazing and that was the ability to keep the user’s attention on the screen and not be distracted by using the keyboard from time to time, which disrupts productivity.

The price ($100) is pretty affordable and reasonable if we look at the features this device is offering. Think about it, you are paying for the control over multiple computers, and make custom shortcuts and gestures on a per-app basis.

How cool is that? And if you are not someone that really requires all of these features and comforts, you’re better off finding something cheaper or if you are a pro gamer, then you should find an option that gives you a higher DPI.

Logitech MX Master 3

But for professionals or users that require a mouse that can cope with their heavy usage and not run out of juice anytime soon, the MX Master 3 is an excellent candidate to be their new favorite tool to enhance productivity.

Even the small point and scroll section has amazing tuning options that will make the mouse work exactly the way you want it to. You even have the option to make your custom changes universal (system-wide) or app-specific.

The application also gives you a helpful link that will give you all of the information you need while learning or customizing different modes. This shows Logitech’s attention to detail that every user is not the same, but you really don’t need excessive technical knowledge to set up this new device.

So, all in all, Logitech continues to be the absolute best at making external devices like these when it comes to productivity and making amazing designs. The new MX Master 3 is an incredible step forward in both design and practice while the MX Master Keys is no slouch either but that isn’t as appealing if you are already happy with your keyboard setup.

Overall, today was a good day for Logitech and their fans on the launch of their newest devices and we are happy that the technology world is still bringing more and more innovation by using premium materials not used in this space before and thoughtful attention to detail software upgrades that help enhance productivity. So, if you want all of these features and comforts for only $100, BUY IT.



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