The new Apple watch leaks have been surfacing for quite some time now and they are quite exciting for Apple fans around the world. We have been scouring the internet for the latest possible features this new device would bring along and the most likely one to happen is the new sleep tracking feature Apple fans have been demanding for quite a while now.

This new feature is codenamed “Burrito” and we can’t be more excited. This new feature will track your sleep and also the quality of your sleep using the Apple Watch’s microphone and also the heart rate sensor located below the watch.

Obviously, this feature has been around for quite some time now in devices like Fitbit or even Samsung smartwatches, but what’s interesting is that Apple could have given this feature in the previous versions as well because it apparently doesn’t require any new hardware modifications and it actually is backward compatible with older devices.

Apple iwatch 5, apple watch 5

There is a new Sleep App on the horizon which will make use of this new feature on the Apple watch and show you the proper metrics in the health app.

One reason which can clear the confusion as to why Apple didn’t introduce this feature in the previous versions can be the new Battery. But it still will be an issue for some users because apparently, you will need about 30% battery on your Apple Watch for this feature to properly cover your sleep metrics.

You will apparently get pop up notifications throughout the day, if you have enabled the sleep feature, to keep your phone charged up. And if you have an older Apple watch, it would be a bigger issue, because they are not getting a bump up in the battery department.

So, if you fully want to utilize this new feature, invest in more chargers or get a second Apple watch, to cover your sleep metrics. We know that getting a second Apple watch might be an issue for some people, but hey, if you are an Apple fan, you are kinda used to doing things like this (Just Kidding).

Apple iwatch 5, apple watch 5

Being this close to the launch we really can’t wait to test how the new sleep feature of the Apple Watch compares to the sleep features of other devices like Samsung smartwatches or Fitbits, who have been pushing these kinds of features for a while now.

Still, it doesn’t answer the main question that everyone is thinking of, are we getting a brand-new Apple Watch 5 or a refreshed Apple watch 4 with a special edition tag slapped on it because the new sleep feature is backward compatible and doesn’t require any hardware changes.

On a more optimistic side, we are hoping that Apple does launch its new Watch 5 this year with a bigger battery because that can be the big plus point that will encourage customers to buy the new watch and retain loyal fans in their court.


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