The Smartphone market is a very diverse place right now. The one thing that most smartphone users rely most on upon, today, is the protection of their phones as a top priority.

If you have bought the new iPhone, then congratulations on not paying your rent this month. But if you do have some money in the bank after that purchase, then here is the list of the best iPhone 11 cases, from the cheapest to more expensive ones, in the market right now.

Let’s take a look.

The Top Notch Transparent Case

Speck Presidio Stay Clear ($40)

If you have got the new phone and you are looking for a transparent case to complement the new glossy back with the new cameras, you really can’t go wrong with the Speck Presidio clear case that doesn’t rust after a while. It has phenomenal drop protection and includes antimicrobial properties.

Best Slim Otterbox Case

Otterbox Symmetry ($50-$60)

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If you want the cover that will tick off two boxes on your cover wish list: Sleek and Protective, then this cover option is the best choice for you. It has multiple color options available in the market right now.

Stylish Cases that are Slim and Protective

Gear4 Cases ($35 to $50)

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The company Zagg very recently bought the British top case maker and is seeking to continue its business activities in the US market. They have cases that rival the ones from companies like Otterbox and Speck. The top picks for us are the Translucent Piccadilly and Crystal Palace.

Top All-around Cases

Speck Presidio Pro ($40 at Amazon)

These cases come in various different colors that can fulfill that complement your phone immensely through the soft-touch finish. Also, these cases provide amazing 13 feet drop protection without being bulky.

Clear Protection Cases

Lifeproof ($40)

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Lifeproof is now owned by the company Otterbox. It isn’t in the market nowadays for making waterproof cases, but it still makes very protective cases that come in various colors and designs.

Classy Slim Cases

Moshi ($25-$50)

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Moshi is an incredible company with some amazing cases for the new iPhone such as iGlaze, Vitros and Altra that beautifully complement your new phone.

Refined Beast

Pelican Cases ($25 at Amazon)

The Pelican cases have always been famous for being very protective but also too bulky. But their new lineup has a new soft rubber build and is protective like before, but it has a new funky appearance that is very welcoming.


Speck Presidio Grip ($40)

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The Presidio Grip series is available for the new generation of iPhones but if not handled properly, the ribs of the case can wear down after a while. It is available in multiple color options.

Leather Options

Nomad Cases ($50-$70)

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Nomad is an amazing company that specializes in making leather back cases for smartphones and this amazing lineup is coming to the iPhone 11. It is available in multiple colors and some options are even waterproof.

Colorful Cases

Case-Mate Cases ($30-$40)

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This company is amazing in making cases if you want to project your inner color expression through your phone every day of the week. Despite their flashy and funky design, they are pretty well built and durable.

Cheap Wallet Cases

Silk Smartish Cases ($15)

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Silk brings its own affordable case series in the market for the new generation of iPhone. Their cases are, as the market describes them, simple, slim and key players of the wallet type case genre.

Affordable Premium Case

X-Doria Defense Series ($25)

This Defense Series is available for the iPhone 11 in a variety of styles and colors that are affordable for the quality they are providing. These cases are available in black or white trim.

Gaming Themed Cases

Razer Arctech ($30-$40)

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Razer is a well-known name in the gaming community and if you are in the market for a gaming styled phone case then there is no better option than them. Their cases are designed to keep the body of your phone cool during intensive gaming sessions, which sounds like a gimmick but is very useful for those smartphone gamers out there.

Oldie But Goldie

Tech21 ($40)

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The Tech21 cases for the iPhone 11 are available in various translucent options such as pink, Smokey black, yellow and grey back. They also have slimmer cases that cost a little less.

Other Honorable Mentions:

  • Grip2U Boost
  • Tech21 Evo Wallet
  • Casetify
  • Gear4 Oxford Eco Folio
  • Griffin Survivor
  • Incipio Aerolite Extreme
  • Catalyst
  • Otterbox Strada


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