Google, as it seems, has been busy. They are making it easier for us to find new and exciting podcasts specifically tailored for us.

While you have always been able to browse and find podcasts on Google, you still had to dig quite deep in the search results to find the perfect podcasts and listen to them. Until now.

How to sort Good Podcasts from the Bad?

google podcasts

Podcasting is finally coming of age. While many of us are only just finding out about the medium, podcasts have been around us since the early years of the last decade.

The earliest podcasters have been generating content at an amazing pace, which is up to hundreds of entries every day now and it is growing more and more every day.

The problem with this medium has always been to sort the already huge number of podcasts available to listen every day.

As the number of content is so huge, there is always a handful of bad podcasts for every good one. But how to find that perfect one to listen to, which is best for us. It turns out that the answer to that question in addition to every other is with Google.

How to Find the Best Podcasts on Google?

Google is very keen on making it easier for you to listen to your favorite podcasts and also find new content so they introduced a new component in the search results.

Now, all you need to do to find the perfect podcast is, to search for a specific keyword and then google will display playable podcasts alongside the pictures, news, and videos, etc. related to that keyword.

As Google is also transcribing the episodes of the podcasts, they can properly index the episodes and display the podcasts on what’s being talked about.

In the future, you would also be able to find podcasts in results even if your search queries don’t include the word “Podcasts”.

Google is pulling all the stops to help the people discover podcasts gradually, starting with the people using English in the United States.

This search facility is initially available in just the Google search you are familiar with in day-to-day use but it will soon be available for Google Assistant and Google Podcasts.

But before you feel sad for your favorite podcast publisher just because Google is in the game now, you should know that while Google is indexing podcasts in search, it doesn’t mean that they will replace publishers completely.

While Google shows the Podcasts in results, they will sit alongside websites like MakeUseOf and countless others. Google would just give some extra options for finding the perfect podcast for you.

Podcasting is a Rapidly Growing Medium:

Podcasting is a wonderful medium and Google is being greatly appreciated because of its efforts in helping the people to find the perfect one for them.

Every day people are tuning in to listen to more and more amazing content, and utilizing their driving routine or their free time being productive or entertained.

Also, top YouTube channels like ‘Unbox Therapy’ and ‘MKBHD’ are shifting their focus on creating podcasts, so you can bet that Podcasts are the new thing nowadays.

So, all in all, Google is shifting their focus on Podcasts and we cannot be more excited, because gone are the days of searching extensively for good podcasts and coming out of the other side empty-handed.

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