Sea of Thieves is now updating its gameplay/ story on a monthly basis. Rare is putting new story updates and different other spins to the game on the second Wednesday, every month. Sometimes these changes may include cute new pets or fun voyages, but for Halloween, the company has decided to go a different route.

On Halloween, the players will have access to the Fort of the Damned which the company is really excited about. This fort introduction comes through an update that will change up skeleton forts.

Players will be able to choose special voyages that will allow them to acquire ritual skulls from their enemies.

The players will also be able to collect the famous Flames of Fate by dying in certain ways like a shark attack, volcano, player damage, snake weapon, skeletons, and lightning.

A new nemesis has taken over Old Boot Fort. This new enemy is fiercer and bonier than usual. Get it? This new enemy is skeletons that have taken over the fort and are wreaking havoc.

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Also, the company has changed the color of the fights that happen on the Fort of the Damned from grey and green one to a more sinister red skull cloud.

The players can trigger this fight of Good Vs Skeletons by completing voyages and collecting different items. After that, the players on the server will see the red skull indicator that will pave the way forward for them so that they can join the Alliances on the new fort.

Fort of the Damned is also getting some new cosmetics done on it like a new ship makeover and two new pets, the skeleton marmoset and the skeleton cockatoo.

While the new voyages and the fancy cosmetics are for sale for a limited time only, the new Fort of the Damned will be a permanent addition to the game.


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