If you are a Game of Thrones fan, then it might be the right time for you to rejoice. The company has ordered a prequel “House of the Dragon”. Focusing on the House of Targaryen, the series will be set, a good 300 years before the events we witnessed in the original series.

The show has officially been picked up by the company and the announcement was made by the president of programming at HBO.

The whole shebang will start with a 10 minute episode season and is co-crated by George R.R. Martin and Ryan Condal from Colony.

Condal will team up with GOT veteran director Miguel Sapochnik as the showrunners. Sapochnik who directed episodes of the original GOT series like Battle of the Bastards, will also direct House of Dragon’s first episode among many others.

This show will finally tell the story of the House Targaryen which was always shrouded in mystery throughout the original series.

House of the Dragon will tell the story of the time of Aegon the Conqueror. He was the king who famously brought all of the seven kingdoms of Westeros together with the help of his sisters, with whom he was also married.

The show will be based on the novel Fire & Blood. It tells us the story of the Targaryen rule in Westeros. The first part of the novel was released last year that covered almost 140 years of the Targaryen history.

It’s still unclear if the series will move the story along quickly like the last season of Game of Thrones or focus on the bigger events in Targaryen and Westerosi history in proper detail.

The announcement of the new series certainly means that the network is not done with their golden goose and fans should expect bigger and better things in House of the Dragon.


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