Eric Schmidt: Google’s Executive Chairman must have been in a state of complete shock within hours of making the announcement concerning Google Glass’s extensive use. You see, according to Schmidt, all the apps connected to Google Glass will be monitored and controlled via a centralized password protection system.

Also, you remember how the concept of nano machines in Metal Gear Solid was implemented. The guns were only usable in times when a soldier had the proper ID associated with it. No other man could fire those weapons, unless and until, a special in game character cracked their security for Snake.

Take the same concept a step further, apply it on Google Glass – and you were supposed to get a product that only works through Google’s approval. Well, guess again? The renowned hacker shattered Google Glass’s notions connected to privileged User ID and access control at company’s end.

Saurik, also known as Jay Freeman, posted a photo showing the device’s info dialog box as “Jailbroken ;P” Apparently, according to Google policies, Google Glass is a non-transferable asset. If you have sold it to someone, while you being the original owner of the product, it will simply “brick” the Glass. The buyers are not supposed to be able to use someone else’s pair of Google Glass.

In an interview with Forbes Magazine, Jay Freeman AKA Saurik said that he bought his pair of Google Glass as a developer. Immediately he got down to reverse engineering, since the “Glass” was running Android version 4.0.4 at that time. Also known as the Ice Cream Sandwich, this particular Android OS is quite famous among hackers for its known and unknown vulnerabilities.

It wasn’t easy for Freeman to hack into Google Glass’s security, but he said that he was able to achieve the desired results after rigorously testing the product’s OS against all the exploits on the internet. One particular exploit from a hacker called: B1nary aided Saurik in gaining full access of the Glass.

google glass

However, Freeman is not the only guy who has made this shocking revelation to Google and rest of the world. There is Liam McLoughlin, another well-known icon of the hacker community who has tweeted his experiences with Google Glass’s flawed security measures. Google’s latest invention is a trove of digital powers if it falls into the wrong hands.

Google Glass is already banned in a Seattle Bar because of a bill passed against the product. The guys at West Virginia lawmaking firms believe that Google Glass can help people cheat in Poker and several other casino games, which is just one possible risk of having this product in wrong hands.

Meanwhile, Stephen Lau: Google’s technical lead on Glass only had to say this, “Not to bring anybody down… but seriously… we intentionally left the device unlocked so you guys could hack it and do crazy fun shit with it. I mean, FFS, you paid $1500 for it… go to town on it. Show me something cool.”

That’s funny Stephen. I don’t think anyone’s gonna fall for that crap explanation.



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