If you are a fan of storytelling, then you probably know how important it is for a movie or a game to have different strengths that work together to form just the right combination to make the project shine the brightest.

Movies like ‘Jaws’ and ‘The Shining’, among many others, are examples of excellent films that were an amalgamation of strong induvial components that complemented each other to form an amazing piece of art. This is absolutely the case with God of War.

Its soundtracks enunciate the strong story moments, which flow so effortlessly into incredible action gameplay. This gameplay is based on a linear storytelling concept that forces you to explore its beautiful world which is expansive and gorgeous at every turn.

god of war

God of War is the latest iteration in its lineup with a masterful composition of such incredible interlocking parts that pay off heavily in very unexpected ways in both gameplay and story mode.

The best element of its praiseworthy cinematography is that it is a continuous camera shot. That means that we get to experience throughout the game as Kratos goes through a whirlwind of emotions. We also get to see an amazing bond formed between Kratos and his son Atreus which proves over and over again as a worthy sidekick throughout the game.

Apart from these main characters, the game also boasts an amazing supporting cast in a beautifully crafted world that demands to be explored and to be a thrilling battlefield.

It has a straightforward plot

God of War starts with a really straightforward game plan when Kratos suffers the loss of losing his wife whom his son bonded with more than him. Together, to fulfill her final wishes, Kratos and Atreus have to go the tallest point in the realm.

You see the tallest point from a distance at the very beginning, but if you are a gamer and you have played games like this before then you would probably guess that it’s really not easy to cross a dangerous land without any opposition. This opposition extends that small journey into an incredibly perilous 25-hour adventure.

god of war

If you’re a fan of the previous iterations, seven of them, then you already know that the main character Kratos has led a long life of loss, victory and plenty of god-killing in Greece. While that glorious history tells you a lot about his personality, but our favorite warrior has started a new, more complex chapter of his life.

He has finally found love, a family and a mighty beard that gives his character a more ruthless appearance of a Norse mythology character.

But his character is not really familiar with this realm and he has to rely on his son to help him with its languages and places when the familiar swing of the ax or bashing someone’s head with his boot won’t do the job.

The relation between father and son is one of the key features of this amazing game as we get to see how it evolves and changes when the story progresses further and further.

These two characters have very different personalities as one is just an innocent child while the other is old and blood-soaked to his very core.

Kratos loves his son and just like any other father with a strong personality, has difficulty showing affection to Atreus. Kratos is cold at first because he is disappointed at Atreus due to the lack of skill and thirst for combat, but he still loves him and annihilates anyone who threatens his son.

The most beautifully devastating thing to watch is the struggle of Kratos as he is afraid that he isn’t connecting with the boy and preparing him for combat, so that he may survive in this world. But also, Kratos is afraid that his son might turn out like him.

The dialogue structure is very relatable

The dialogues used in this game are brutally honest and you will fall in love with them because they are very relatable, and you will find it very hard to not relate to them whether being in Kratos or Atreus’ shoes.

god of war

Many other games have tried to capture a father-son relation, but none comes even closer to how God of War has encapsulated the evolution of a father-son relation by making it a grounding factor of this amazing adventure.

This new depth and complexity factor of this iteration is a whole different ball game for Kratos as he is not accustomed to anything like this, but it slowly turns him from a cliché bloodthirsty warmonger to a more deeply mature character, thanks to Atreus.

Kratos is voiced by Christopher Judge whose amazing voice is an amazing compliment to Kratos’ personality as he becomes familiar with the needs of his son, understands his deep-rooted fears and annihilates all of the monsters that come in his way.

Up close with Kratos

God of War’s immensely appreciated single-camera shot style is an amazing spectacle to behold. It never cuts once from the beginning to the end if you don’t die and respawn. It doesn’t hit you at first but as you explore further and further, you realize that it really does enunciate the powers and majesty of the enemies of Kratos and does proper justice to the epic moments when Kratos slays all of his enemies every time.

god of war

This single-shot storytelling means that you won’t ever leave Kratos’ side, you experience all his emotional tolls and internal struggles unraveled from a front-row seat and also feel the intensity when he takes down an enemy that is easily 10 times bigger than him.

Also because of this single-shot cinematography, you are very closely connected to your surroundings that even the quietest moments to the loudest roar are properly impactful throughout the game.

One of the main changes in Kratos’ life is that he has a son to take care of after the death of his wife. Atreus’ impact on the story and on his father’s, life cannot be understated as he proves to be a worthy ally in battles and also in Kratos’ emotional development throughout the game.

We have seen father-son relationships depicted in games before, but we have never it with such complexity and depth being the central elements of the bond. Although they are strangers at the start, Atreus still connects with his father on a deeper level and listens to his instructions during battles.

Equipped with a bow and a never-ending supply of arrows, Atreus helps immensely as a stunner and a spotter for enemies. His blows are not as powerful as Kratos obviously, but he can be a lifesaver in some intense moments. His skill tree is also upgradable to match up on his father’s more powerful attacks making this partnership EPIC.

Outstanding Battle Sequences

Well if you know anything about the God of War series, then you won’t be surprised that the latest installment has some of the most intense battle sequences to date. From bone-crushing to really gory animations, God of War is nothing short of outstanding battle sequences that properly highlight his abilities and strength.

Kratos kills for survival now in this latest installment but don’t worry, he still does it in the most brutal ways possible. His favorite weapon this time around is the Leviathan Axe which, in our opinion, is the coolest weapon ever.

The Leviathan Axe

The Leviathan Axe has the best feature ever and that is its ability to be summoned like Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, as depicted in the MCU. Even after a 1,000 summons, you won’t get over the feeling when it whips back into your hands and you can chuck it at something else.

The Axe also has a freezing ability that when you hit someone with it in freezing mode, they will stay frozen while you kill other enemies with your bare hands that are almost as powerful.

The Axe is an amazing weapon but it’s not just for hitting and summoning all the time. It is an incredible weapon that has its own combinations and certain enemies will require you to master those combinations as you fight them so that you can be victorious in every battle sequence.

god of war

The one thing that should be according to the battle sequence or situation you are in, is Kratos and Atreus’ armor. Chest, wrist and waist pieces and the tweaks of the ax can really have an impact on Kratos’ stats and you can easily get in serious troubles if you are not vigilant. These stats represent how you will react and fight in that battle sequence, so choose your armor according to the situation, not fashion choice.

 From the start to the end, you will feel like you are constantly learning. This knowledge can be of abilities, different ax combinations and even how to defeat different enemies based on the tools and armor selection you have.

You will encounter countless enemies that will be different in their approach and how they move, so you will have to change your strategy as you progress further in the storyline and not rely on the same strategy for every villain.

The new surroundings are breathtaking

god of war

As we know, Kratos is not familiar with these new surroundings, so we get to share that experience with him as he explores this amazing new world with the help of his son.

God of War’s amazing linear storytelling will openly encourage you to explore every nook and cranny. This will sometimes result in you coming face to face with an enemy that is about 10 times powerful than you but don’t forget, you have Kratos on your fingertips and his son as an ally.

There’s plenty of freedom if you want to explore this amazing new world Sony has created but it’s still not as “open world” as Grand Theft Auto or Red Dead Redemption. Still, God of War will not disappoint in providing you with enough battles and side quests in its linear storytelling that you won’t even feel the need for it to be Open World.

Some of the rewarding bonus features of the game are shrouded in mystery and you have to stray away from your main path to achieve them. You have to be vigilant of Atreus’ reminders about undiscovered locations in your path because if you don’t keep an eye out for them then you can miss them entirely.

Familiarity with the land is its own reward

Traveling with Atreus, Kratos gets to know a lot about the land and the rewards it possesses. These can be buried deep in a cave or be stashed in a beautiful vista. If you are a fan of the Norse mythology, you will be blown away by the very fact that Kratos is traveling through the same stories you have always loved about the amazing folklore.

Even after the story is finished you would still be hungry for more and more adventure. There are countless caves and foes left to conquer when you finish the story mode so you will never be bored or done with the game.

All of this praise goes to the people at Sony who created an amazing world full of possibilities and battles that you can never grow tired of playing. Even after 10 hours of playing it, you would still marvel at the gorgeous scenery or on the majesty of the snow-covered mountains that come before you.

There is also a difference in graphics which you will notice if you first play the game on the simple PS4 and then you play the game on the PS4 Pro. The level of detail experienced on the PS4 Pro can not be compared and is an absolute treat to watch.

Everything is so well crafted and detailed

God of War is an amazing iteration in the series with the most detailed EVERYTHING. The texture of the hills is absolutely epic because it makes the distance feel so real. The light dancing off of shinier surfaces is so elegant that you will be totally mesmerized by it. Even the gore and filth you experience when fighting a monster is so well crafted that you will fall in love with the detail of it all.

A weak spot of the game is that it runs on 30 fps and not the 60-fps option we all know to be so amazing for fighting games. Don’t worry, at 30 fps God of War is not a slouch by any comparison.

At 30 fps there is still an upside because of the fact that the camera shifts so quickly from target to target in front of and then behind Kratos that if it was any faster then you would have missed some finely tuned details of the whole sequence.

Another thing that has gamers completely mesmerized is the subtle movements of both father and son while in fighting mode or even just walking. From the subtle movements of Kratos’ bow or a difference in Atreus’ walk when he’s injured or feeling down for some reason, you will find yourself connected with them through their pains and joys.

Amazing supporting characters

I know we have been talking about the game as it is just a battle sequence to the finish without anyone meeting the duo during the story but that’s not the case. Kratos and Atreus meet an amazing supporting cast during the story which greatly elevates their personalities and personas.

Also, you will get to experience some of the other main events from the Norse Mythology which means that you will see stories of characters other than the most popular Norse figures mainly Thor, Odin, and Loki.


As we expected, God of War is amazingly action-packed like its predecessors. It is an amazing depiction of the Norse Mythology in a linear storytelling package but the key element in making it a masterpiece is the culmination of all of the major components of the game all coming together and making it so.

It is a game in which the lead character is changed from a battle-hungry warrior to a more complex and rounded character that is involved in a constant battle, both in his mind and around him. He has responsibilities now which makes him vigilant and cares about someone for the first time which was a huge change in his personality.

The Obvious craftsmanship and care that went into making this detailed piece of perfection making it the most memorable game in the series and we can’t get enough of it. So, if you want to experience that immense level of complexity combined with the amazing sensation of chopping up monsters with an Axe you can summon like Thor, BUY IT.



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