If you are familiar with “The Wolf Among Us” or the Walking Dead game series, then you probably have heard about the gaming studio Telltale Games. Both of them are still my favorite – except for Batman. That title didn’t click much.

On that note, you also know that Telltale Games went out of business last year. They made the announcement over the internet and through different media outlets. I was heart broken when I heard that a good gaming studio with a potential to make its name in the industry is crushed by different policies and internal politics.

Over 250 people lost their jobs that day. But it seems like they might be coming back but not as you might expect.

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A Company called LCG Entertainment is saying that they have officially acquired Telltale Games and some of their catalog titles alongside a collection of their intellectual properties.

LCG Entertainment has plans to utilize the studio’s adventure-filled gaming titles from the past and bring new life into them by reviving their third-party licensing games and for that, they are hiring back the former staff of the gaming studio on a meager contract basis.

Several arguments and claims have originated since LCG’s takeover of the gaming studio. These claims include the payment of debts of Telltale’s original management which the company was unable to do when they went under.

Some of the most loyal people to Telltale Gaming have argued that this takeover should be blocked and that it is not a proper revival of the old company and simultaneously accusing LCG Entertainment of the sins of the old company that ruined a lot of people’s lives.

It’s not surprising that this takeover news is bittersweet as emotions are running pretty high in the gaming industry. The demise of Telltale is an incredible example of callousness, in which an amazing crew of hard-working people was forced to do long-hours and then dumped on the first chance when the company found out that they were not making any decent profits or value in the market.

Are the New Financial Steps Beneficial For The Company?

The industry is properly skeptical about the new steps LCG is trying to implement as Onetime episode lead writer Jessica Krause tweeted:”If this new Telltale really wants to bring back the studio and are genuine in their intents, then I honestly hope it works out. But hiring former developers on a freelance basis in the most expensive part of the country [San Francisco area] doesn’t really encourage me that much.”

Another important spokesperson for employees of the gaming industry which is also Former Telltale’s narrative designer Emily Grace told Polygon, “This news has been difficult to digest … There are a few former Telltale employees who are employed by this new company which has purchased and taken on the Telltale name. They seem excited to be involved, and understandably wary, given the state of games, about broadcasting their involvement.

I admit that I’m skeptical, but given the enthusiasm of those involved, I’m choosing to be cautiously optimistic about this new company calling itself Telltale,” she added. “I’m happy that the games we made will once again be for sale, and I’m happy that the IP isn’t dead in the water.

But more than anything else, I hope beyond hope that this new Telltale will treat its employees better than its predecessor. Because games aren’t made by brand logos that you can buy. They’re made by people who deserve care.”

Not everyone is that skeptical and are actually seeing the glass half full. Brett Rogstad worked in the deceased gaming studio’s art department for more than three years and has worked for Skybound Games when they acquired the licensing of Telltale’s ‘The Walking Dead’. He is now working on contractual basis with the new company.

telltale games

I feel the contract is fair,” he said. “I wouldn’t have signed it if it wasn’t or if I felt that I was being taken advantage of.” He said he was approached by Guinness and offered work.

I was looking for my next paid gig because I like eating food and living under a roof,” he joked. “I think LCG wanted someone with a competent grasp of the Telltale Tool from the art side that could jump right in since they had acquired some of Telltale’s library and needed to immediately support those games. So, the timing worked out great for both parties.”

Old Case Members for the Revival:

Many people think that the new staff of the revival should contain mostly the old employees that were wronged by the old company but the new company’s stance on hiring huge numbers of staff is not very welcoming because they want to start by making a sustainable foundation for the company before hiring so many people.

As the former and new director of operations for Telltale Sara Guinness, she is coordinating the return of the gaming studio.

She says, “Former employees have been essential to standing this back up operationally and former employees and contractors are the first ones that come to any of our minds as we need new staff,” she said.

In fact, several have been approached that are now gainfully and happily employed elsewhere, but still want to help advise and wish LCG the best. It’s all about the people, always was, always will be.”


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