My story is kind of unique when it comes to sound systems, especially Energy Take Classic 5.1. You see, a few years back, as an average guy who didn’t know a lot about tech products, I’d buy anything that appeared to be all salesy. It wasn’t too long ago when I figured out that some things are not worth your hard earned cash.

I started dabbling in home theater products when I was in college. I was single; I used to hear all kinds of music artists. Think of 9- Inch Nails, Linkin Park and stuff like that – all revved up to the max volume and bass settings. Since I craved giant speakers, I wasted a lot of money on different low level brands.

I started with custom made boom boxes; I tried some Creative products and I’d literally take a ride form one State to another, just to check out that so-called new junk that local retailers were selling. But I wasn’t getting the “vibe”.

This is where Energy Take Classic 5.1 comes in; pure sound, professionalism and an ability to sustain different volume settings – all sheathed inside a decent sub-woofer, a dome shaped tweeter and so much more. Here at this point, I’m particularly excited about writing down an honest review about Energy Take Classic; something that comes right off the heart of a groove and bass lover.

Energy Take Classic 5.1 Review – Dibs On The Coolest Sound System Ever:

energy take classic 5.1 surround sound system

I’ll get to the “cool” factor later, but first; let me get to the actual details here.

The Energy Take Classic 5.1 speakers were awarded Editor’s Choice badge at CNET website in early 2009. The product was, and still is, hot to this date. Like any other skeptical buyer, I did read the review at CNET but it was too technical.

So what I did was that I started comparing Energy speakers with products within the same price range. Doing so gave me a tunnel vision, which enabled me to make the final decision.

Based on my personal analysis, take a look at some salient features of Energy 5.1 Take Classic:

  • 200 Watt Subwoofer:

    • The Dos:

      • This little baby easily synchs with the speakers, while you’re playing Dolby Movies in pure 5.1 channel mode. The speakers and subwoofer also work amazingly great with PS3 games because I tried a couple of exclusives on my PS3. It means that the product was truly meant for the 5.1 Surround sound channels.
  • The Don’ts:

    • Don’t disable the remaining 3 speakers (either directly through the Jacks, or through your desktop sound panel settings). If you wanted a 2.1 system, then you should’ve bought a 2.1 system. Energy Take Classic wasn’t primarily made to sustain the load on 2 speakers. You’ll be ruining the Subwoofer by doing so.
  • Take Center Channel Speaker:

    • The Dos:

      • The central speaker is extra special my friends. Energy Take Classic 5.1 was designed to deliver the purest dialogue quality. To get the maximum results, keep the center speaker under the monitor, under the TV, near you, or on top of both objects.

  • The Don’ts:

    • Do not hang the Take center channel speaker on the wall behind your monitor. The distance would grow. Considering the fact that you’d be sitting during those movies (obviously no one watches movies while standing for 2 hours), you’d want the center speaker to be close to you.
  • All 5 speakers do have keyhole mounts behind them. The wall mount thing is meant for bigger rooms, where the volume and bass settings are considered permanent. If you’re living in an apartment, you’ll have to change your volume settings according to the “surroundings” – the further the center speaker is; you won’t be able to listen to dialogues clearly.
  • Convergent Source Module:

    • The Dos:

      • The Convergent Source Module is another nifty feature in Energy speaker system. Basically your drivers get installed on the same faceplate, which kind of refines the sound quality. For optimum settings, go for 89 Decibels or below.
  • The Don’ts:

    • Going beyond 89 Decibels will give a midrange sound quality under certain conditions.

The “Cool” Factor About Energy Take Classic 5.1:

  • At the time I purchased these energy speakers, I was living in a 3 room up State apartment. I had a black bordered LCD, which excellently merged with the color of this sound system. It was like as if I bought the entire speaker and LCD combo from one manufacturer.
  • Every time my friends or guests came over to my place, they’d point their fingers at the Energy 5.1 Take Classic speakers with an “Oh wow man, these speakers are so cool” sort of expression. I never told them that I bought these babies separately.
  • Amazing sound quality, with a black piano flush body finishing.
  • Performance, Budget and Quality are the three main categories that can summarize this product.

Where Are The Technical Specs?

In case you’re wondering why I didn’t write about the 0.75 Inch tweeter domes, or the 3 Inch generic titanium drivers, there’s a strong reason to it. I searched the internet and there’re over a thousand sites that seem to be a replica of the same product reviews; I wanted to recommend something that I’ve personally tried, tested and loved.

However… if you’re still skeptic, or want more details, click the link below.

Are There Any Negatives?

  • For $399, no, there’re no issues with these speakers. Even if you’re a complete electronic junkie, you should give it a shot.
  • At the current state of our “economic empire”, home theater systems are really expensive. We all want the ‘cheap + good’ combination, so this is quite a nice bang for your cash.
  • It’ll take you a while to get used to the fullness of volume. Plus, the highs and bass are best at midrange settings. However I’d have purchased another subdue Modulus or platform for the sake of bass and tweeter expansion if I really wanted a LOUD experience.

Price Factor and Return Policies?

Energy likes to take care of its customers as much as possible. If you’re not satisfied with energy take classic 5.1 speakers, which can be a little hard, returning them should not be a problem. Just make sure that the edges or plastic coating is not ripped or chipped off.

Initially these speakers had a fat $599 price tag. However, they’re currently available for $399 only. There’s this one retailer at Amazon who’s selling it for $699, but if you buy from him/her, it’s up to you. Check the side accessories over there as well.



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