I’ve been getting an awful load of emails from sound lovers all over the world, especially those who want to know Energy Take Classic 5.1 speakers in more details. Seeing to the fact that I didn’t mention the technical side of these speakers, I feel like I owe it to all those people who want to know what exactly this device is loaded with.

Read the appended Energy speakers review, to get a grip on the purely technical side of this amazing surround sound system:

  • Feel It | Hear It – Energy Take Classic 5.1 Bass System:

There’s a 200 Watt subwoofer, which is a totally dynamic component of the Energy Take Classic 5.1 speakers.  The small bass hole that blow out air like a vacuum cleaner, whilst heavy metal solos, is known as the firing port. Technically, the more accurate/ targeted this port is; there’s more bass to the song, movie or whatever you’re listening to.

Energy Take Classic 5.1 Review, Features and Specs

So the accuracy of that trembling sensation within that bass doesn’t lie in the size of that woofer hole. It has everything to do with the way they designed this thing to be more accurate and targeted. Fortunately, the sub-woofer in Energy Take Classic 5.1 is like a laser dot, which means that you get to hear the finest sound ever.

  • Low Distortion And On-Axis Frequency Emission:

I have a habit of abusing my sound system a little bit. I call it the test phase and it’s quite essential to determining the quality of the product. My y test run on Energy Take Classic 5.1 went quit smooth. I found out that the speakers emit natural and distortion free sound because they’ve been embodied in a small compact chamber.

The small sized speakers have Convergent Source Module that automatically repels mobile signals and negative charge that’s present in the air. It means that you won’t hear that ‘Taaattt Taat Taaayyyt’ kind of sound whenever your cell phone rings near any of Energy Take Classic Speakers.

  • What’s In Those Energy Take Classic 5.1 Speakers?

Oh boy, if the piano flush speaker body is all that you and you’re friends adore so far, wait till you see what’s really inside the speakers. I’m not asking you to open them with a screw driver because there’s no need to do that.

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The satellite speakers have an exact 0.75 Inch aluminum dome tweeters in them. They’re shiny little ‘circles’ inside the speaker body. On top of that, the speakers are magnetically shielded, which gives another +1 to Energy 5.1 Take Classic manufacturers.

  • Further Tweaking Options In Energy Take Speakers:

I previously owned a two other home theater sound systems; one of them was a Creative model, while the other one was Edifier. I sold my Creative speakers for $50 only! You don’t believe it, do you? I know, but it’s true.

At the moment, I have a used Edifier sound system that’s connected to my laptop. However, my Energy Take Classic 5.1 speakers are for pure entertainment purposes. They’re set up in my TV lounge, where all the gaming, movies and karaoke stuff takes place.

Through trial and error, I found out the following settings in my Energy take speakers. You can play with them to get optimum results:

  • Low Pass| Low Key Filter:

energy take classic 5.1 surround sound system

The low pass filter will let you fiddle with a specific frequency range (40 – 15Hz) that either enhances or lowers down the subwoofer performance.

  • Phase Settings:

There’s a small switch by the name of “phase”. It’s job is to synchronize the relationship between all 5 speakers and the subwoofer. There’s not a lot to this feature as most of the time, it’s on auto pilot.

  • Power Cord and Connector:

There is a slight disadvantage in Energy Take Classic 5.1 speakers, which basically relates to the speaker cord. The wire that comes with this sound system is kind of small, so you better have an extra pair or roll of wire if you’re planning on setting this device on a big scale.

This is the main reason that Amazon has placed the Energy Take Classic 5.1 speaker wire extension cable in the recommended products tab. You can purchase it for $10 to $15, which is quite worth it.

As far as the connector is concerned, they’re gold plated and separated with 2 prong AC plugs. This means that the charge and conduction is of supreme quality.

The Sound System In a Nutshell:

I didn’t write all the technical specs and tweaking guides here. If I did, it would’ve been a lengthy post. However, I divided my topics into different categories so don’t forget to check back later. By the way, summarizing this entire article regarding Energy take speakers comes to the following pros and cons:

  • The price is right for those who need a results oriented product.
  • The tonal balance is quite musical and perfectly aligned.
  • Tons of different mounting options because of the keyhole mount port and rubber padding beneath the speakers.
  • The satellite system is limited to a certain performance boundary. It means that you can’t expect to overdrive all the settings and still get the best results.
  • Once again, you’ll have to get a lengthy speaker wire if you want to set this thing up in a very spacious environment.

All in all, the Energy Take Classic 5.1 is a brilliantly crafted surround sound system. If it’s not the best product out there, in your opinion, then at least give it the dignity to check it out on trial basis.

You can always return it for a refund later, which is definitely not a big issue. But chances are that you’re going to love these speakers, because I did, despite of all my skepticism.

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