Many a time, Android users have had trouble when trying to uninstall an application. Hell, if you ask me, they couldn’t even “install” an android app; the ones they downloaded on the PC and then transferred to the cellphone through data cable.

Personally, I have used AppInstaller; a very simple directory browser/ application installer for Android users. It has a massive number of downloads, and works “like a boss”. But then again, there are other installers and uninstallers. Let’s see, there’s ‘Easy UnInstaller’; another great resource for Android users who don’t know how to manually uninstall anything on their cell.

Why Uninstall an Application?

Before we start with the actual how-to process, let’s talk about the significance of uninstallation. Let’s say, you have your computer. Over a period of time, you keep cluttering the entire directory structure with files. Likewise, your smartphone is a mini-computer; it has a directory structure and a File Allocation Table that needs to be clean.

Plus, every time you are looking for apps at the PlayStore, chances are that you’ll find multiples of the same application. For instance, typing down the “camera app” will bring up several different applications. In this case, users download 2 – 4 applications at the same time. They choose the best one and decide to delete/ uninstall unwanted apps.

This is where the ‘Easy Uninstaller’ app from Google PlayStore comes in.

easy uninstaller- android apps uninstaller

Step 1: As ironic as it may seem, you have to download and install the ‘Easy Uninstaller’ application. The direct link is here, or you can simply type down: ‘Easy Uninstaller’ to get started from your smartphone’s PlayStore search bar.

Step 2: After ‘Easy Uninstaller’ is successfully installed, it is time to launch it. You’ll see the names of all the applications with checkboxes in front of their names. Tick mark the ones that need to be uninstalled/ deleted.

Continue and confirm your action. The green uninstall button will be down there at the bottom of the screen. If you don’t see it, you will have to scroll down to the end of the list. That’s about it. You have it all figured out. Why don’t you share this simple tutorial to let them know about ‘Easy Uninstaller’?


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