You must have heard that old saying which goes like this, “All that glitters is not gold”, but you will have a different opinion of that saying after this new piece.

It turns out that Tarhan Telli, who is famous for making outrageous automobiles that have been featured in many Hollywood films, has outdone even himself with his new creation.


He has developed a bike that is entirely made of gold. Imagine THAT!

The bike is an amazing feat forward in the luxury department, where the main components are not just showered with Gold substances like the rest of the bikes in this category. This bike has mechanical components that are gold and nothing else.

With a mind-boggling 315 kilograms of gold on it, the bike is an amazing masterpiece by the Turkish custom bike builder. This is a one-of-a-kind machine that is different from the bikes of its genre.


Most luxury vehicles are not fast, and they are just for show, but this bike is a beast. With its 6-speed gearbox transmission, it goes like the wind and with its 1801cc v-twin engine generating 126.73 PS of raw power, it just walks off on the open road.

Well, this must be a surprise for you, but the people who follow his social media are generally surprised lots of time because of the outrageous automobile designs he pushes into the mainstream mindsets.


TBH we already knew that people of Dubai are famous for projecting their outrageous automobile ideas in little doses but with this bike, they have really outdone themselves. We mentioned Dubai because that’s where the bike builder has set up shop for this new bike project.

The theme on which this bike was modeled, is that of Medusa, the Greek mythological character, whose power was to get people under her control by looking in her eyes and when someone did look in them, they would immediately be eviscerated.

There is a special connection between that character’s persona and this bike because everyone who will look at this golden miracle is going to feel envious of the person riding it. That’s what makes it so extraordinary and relatable to Medusa.


The bike has a large sculpted head of Medusa on the tank and her signature snake hair has been forged into the frame and rear fenders that complete the whole look of the bike’s structure.

This bike has had a lot of time spent on it, almost a year in fact, where the custom bike builder has spent months assembling all of the tricky stuff and marvel his creation.

He is also hoping that he can score the Guinness World record for this one and is waiting for the Guinness team to pop over and inspect his creation.


Well, to be honest, we really are hoping he gets it because he has an amazing life story that really makes us believe that a person can really achieve everything, they set out to do if they are dedicated enough.

He was branded useless by everyone he knew because he was always a bit different. Always mod-ing different bikes, cars, engines and whatnot from a young age, he always knew that whatever product he will design and decide to sell in the market, people will buy. So, when the time of higher education came, he opted for automotive engineering.


And this belief of his just got more cemented when he sold his first bike for the exact amount he asked for.

And the reason being that the person who bought that, really liked how he made and cared for his product and that he was confident that it was beautiful and didn’t want anyone’s opinion.

Only this kind of man who has this much confidence over his product can make a bike made out of gold and hopefully continue building such outrageous machines for the world to enjoy.

When he started working, the company was only making 25-30 bikes. But when news spread about Tarhan Telli and the amazing bike he had built, demand began to pick up and more customers stormed the shop.

Today the company has sold more than 600 bikes, and mind you these are custom hand build bikes, not the ones that can be made in a factory by machines after every hour or so.

They have also made yachts and custom helicopters to complement the client’s whole persona and business is good.

When they were making headlines over and over again with their outrageous designs, the biggest gift of all fell into their lap when Hollywood came calling. Such a huge and dependable buyer deserves some proper product specially built for them and Tarhan didn’t disappoint.

He designed the bikes used in the badass movie Expendables 3 and also the vehicles used in Mad Max Fury Road. He is also working on another big Hollywood movie project but isn’t allowed to say anything about it. Knowing him, it’s going to be great.

Another bike which has us amazed is the stealth black bat-bike his team built. It has a royal black colored body with the bat signal on the back fenders and also the bat signal is split in half between the handle frame. It is absolutely gorgeous and a true gem for all of the Batman fans out there.


With such a large portfolio of bikes, Tarhan Telli is rubbing shoulders with the right kind of people nowadays and is generating a lot of hype. He had Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes grace his bikes and they were very happy with how beautiful and well-crafted the bikes were.

We know you are wondering what price can possibly complement this amazing creation, well there are many speculations, but you will have to wait like us to see the official sale report to know for sure.


  1. The bike being ridden in this article was not built by TT Customs. It was built by my husband Dan Rollins for Tarhan Telli. Please don’t be misled. There is a difference between buying a custom motorcycle and building one.


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