Death Stranding released last week and it’s filling us up with dread that Kojima is thinking about making movies. Are we being too cynical? Let us give you all of the facts so you can agree with us.

Death Stranding Breakdown

If you have a premature opinion about the game being good, then we recommend that you should play the whole 40-hour saga to form a judgment. The whole game feels like a long-overdue UPS delivery session where you would constantly have to take things from one place to the other to progress the storyline further.

The story revolves around a post-apocalyptic world. The main character is roaming around with a refrigerator-sized inventory on his back, with a baby attached to his chest to sniff ghosts and Monster energy drinks are still around somehow.

While the story is a clever work of interactive-narrative originality, it still doesn’t make up for the fact that the game is SO LONG! Literally!

Kojima, the creator, has little to no interest in subtlety and his storylines always rely heavily on sci-fi drivel with a combination of government conspiracies and demigods. But still, there are a few areas where he shines.

Kojima is highly skilled in creating a vast landscape that is rich in intrigue and in a split second he’ll split it into a billion pieces before you could figure out what the hell happened. Apparently, the initial confusion is part of the thrill which you will definitely experience with Death Stranding.

The man certainly has a knack for presenting oddities that will leave you with a lot more questions than answers. In the case of Death Stranding you will ask yourself multiple times in the beginning, where are these ghosts coming from? What on the other side of this dammed never-ending mountain? What’s it like to have a hoverboard or even a set of wheels to carry your refrigerated baby?

We’re telling you the guy has a wide of oddities waiting for you in the game.

In the end, Kojima is never fully able to connect all of these idiosyncrasies because they are just so all over the place and we never can fully understand them. This is because when you’re starting premise is so blurry, how could you end result be anything but a hot mess.

What do you think now? Should Kojima be making movies?

Well, the man certainly has a vision for his projects that cannot be replicated even if tried by someone else. He has his own language and foresight. And Man, he can design a pretty landscape in his projects. But just these things are not enough to make a great movie.

Sure, he can sketch a good story but when the story will be 10 hours long coming to an unfulfilling climax, Movie-goers won’t be happy. Sure, the man can design the heck out of a game with a LOT of details, but there’s a long road ahead of him if he wants to make movies.


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