Control Game Review: Jesse Faden Will Keep You At The Edge of Your Seat

“Fair warning: this is gonna be weirder than usual.”


Belonging to the genre “New Weird”, Remedy’s new installment ‘Control’ is an amazing combination of weird and spectacular. The game sticks to remedy’s mission statement of making the gaming experience as real and unreal at the same time without compromising on the quality of action and the story.

Set in a fantasy world full of highly detailed contemporary characters, Control starts with the lead character Jesse Faden coming back to the building of the Federal Bureau of Control where she hopes to find answers about some childhood trauma.

The first friendly human face she meets in there is a curious janitor named Ahti who mistakes her for a job applicant to be his assistant and sends her off to the bowels of the building to fix some issues. But then Jesse walks into the office of the director’s cabin only to find him dead and upon wielding his weapon, it binds itself to her, making her the new Director.

After that promotion, she finds out that the building is under complete lockdown because of the invasion of a hostile presence named The Hiss and progressing onwards from that point, absolutely everything turns to a strange combination of weird, action-packed and scary.

The general tone of Control is eerie and weird, but you won’t be wrong if you find this game Remedy’s prettiest one to date and mind you, they have some amazing titles in their arsenal like Max Payne and Alan Wake.

If you are familiar with Remedy’s previous works, then you will come to know that Control is one of their, if not the most, hardest games to play and it is very beautifully tuned with the AI of the game which won’t let you down even for a second.

Let’s take a look at the individual elements of this amazing game.

The Headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Control

The game starts with Jesse entering this well-crafted building which is also called as the ‘Oldest House’. This setting is so beautifully detailed that you will fall in love with the eeriness of it.

As the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC) is the place in town for keeping track of all supernatural activities, it comes as no surprise that the building is constantly changing and shifting throughout the game due to its shapeshifting powers.

Jessie returns to the FBC to get some answers on the event that lead her to acquire supernatural powers in her childhood but soon finds out that the building has been consumed by an otherworldly force of evil known as The Hiss.

The Hiss

What exactly is this weird supernatural force of evil? Well, as Remedy has been busy to integrate an amazing world of action-packed weirdness in this game, they didn’t want too much focus drawn on the origin, purpose, and nature of The Hiss.

Jesse, upon progressing onwards with the story, finds out that the building is consumed by this force and that they have killed the director of the FBC.

The Director’s weapon, as it turns out, is not a normal 6 bullet joke. It’s an amazing armament that chooses its wielder like Thor’s hammer from The Avengers and when it chooses you, you automatically become the new director of the FBC. Congratulations Jessie.

Thrust into her new role, Jessie has to heroically fight of the evil powers of The Hiss around some amazing settings and scenarios throughout the game to take back control of the Oldest House from them and also to find out the origin of her supernatural abilities.

Jessie is not truly alone in there

Due to the eeriness of the game, you might think that your character will be alone throughout the game but that is simply not the case.

Control has an amazing storyline and has some interesting characters placed throughout the story as the game progresses to help Jessie and to also play their pivotal parts in the development of the story.

To start off the character list, we have our lead character named Jessie which becomes the director of the FBC and is tasked with fighting the Hiss to regain control over the Oldest House.

The other major presence throughout the game is the ghostly appearance of the former director of the FBC known as Zachariah Trench. He was killed by the Service Weapon in the midst of an invasion by the Hiss.

The Service Weapon

The Service weapon is an amazing object that can choose the new director of the FBC and can also shapeshift into many different types of guns you can use throughout the game. It also chooses its own wielder and lucky for you, your character is the only one around that is powerful enough.

This is an important tool that helps Jesse fight off the Hiss in addition to her supernatural powers and it will be the sole weapon, players will carry throughout the game.

The service weapon changes into different types of guns that are equivalent to long-ranged snipers, shotguns, machine guns and more.

Jessie’s also loaded with the coolest supernatural abilities

Alongside the magic gun that shapeshifts, Jessie is also loaded with some cool powers that can be used accordingly to the situation. These abilities are the result of a childhood accident Jessie was a part of and that was the whole reason she even came to the FBC.

The powers under question can be used for various purposes ranging from combat to traversal. These include amazing concepts like telekinesis, flying like Superman to even control people’s minds like Professor X from X-Men.

One of the best powers she has is Telekinesis, that helps her interact with objects without actually touching them and fling them over to the enemy, which knocks them down.

Meet Courtney Hope – The Gorgeous Lady Behind Control’s Lead Character

The best part is that the size of the object determines the amount of damage it will cause the enemy and that shows how detail-oriented Remedy has been with Control.

An important thing to remember is that you gaining these special abilities is not compulsory and you can easily miss a number of important ones if you don’t like to go exploring in this amazing world Remedy has created.

Using these abilities and the service weapon constantly consumes Jessie’s energy levels and you are recommended to balance their usage, so you don’t wear her out.

Gameplay and Graphics

Control is an amazing step forward in the department of gameplay and graphics from Remedy’s previous titles. With absolutely gorgeous surroundings to horrid pus-filled basements, Control forces you to love its detail-filled environments and positively insists upon looking around at the world they have created.

The spectacular Gameplay AI of Control is so beautifully incorporated in the gaming environment that you will never be bored of the game.

From paper flying everywhere when you shoot a desk to quantum force fields deflecting your special weapon attacks, you will experience Remedy’s efforts to perfect the graphical interface they always wanted to perfect with their previous titles.

In-Game Upgrades

As opposed to other games, Control doesn’t let you have a bunch of these cool abilities right off the bat. You will have to travel throughout the building while fighting the Hiss to get these abilities opened up for you. These abilities can be achieved by finding the ‘Objects of Power’ and only from those.

The service weapon is also upgradable with help from the skill tree as the story progresses onwards and you get the hang of the different skills.

Health Menu and System

Another interesting element of this game that is different from most of the games in this genre is Health. There is no regenerating health factor in this game and you literally have to fight your way over and over to regenerate health.

You will have to be vigilant in combat and how you will approach different situations because you won’t fill up that health bar magically if you don’t take damage for a few seconds. Instead, you will fill up that health bar with little healing bars that can be picked up from falling enemies.

Non-Linear Mapping

While Remedy’s previous titles have been linear in their mapping, Control has a much more open-ended gameplay. You can visit different places that were inaccessible before and find some amazing abilities that can help you progress in the story much faster. These places also include quests and side quests to tackle that can also benefit your skill tree.

While the game isn’t built on an open world concept, you can still stroll around and find some amazing stuff to help you progress in the game.

Control Checkpoints

Control Checkpoints or Control Points are specific places in the game to which you can save your game progress as the story goes further along.

The major problem gamers will face with this game are the control point locations. The whole point of these control points is to restart your game from a known location but since these control points are placed so far from each other, you really lose a lot of valuable progress if you die before reaching the new control point.

These control points are also used to Fast Travel between different parts of the building so you don’t have to spend all that valuable time running back to that part of the building when you can do that in seconds.

Side Quests are Invaluable

Side quests are amazing portals to the back story of the characters, the FBC, the Oldest House and more. This is all part of Remedy’s new strategy of developing non-linear gameplay. In these side quests you can also expect to see other characters from the game that help you get information about them and the FBC.

Side Quests can also include boss fights which will be much harder to fight than the Hiss filled humans you will be destroying throughout the game. These boss fights can earn you invaluable awards and also open up some amazing special abilities for you. So watch out for those.

Gameplay Duration

If you are familiar with Remedy’s previous titles, then you would know that their linear storytelling doesn’t give developers the headroom they want to produce lengthy gameplay but with Control, that has changed.

With extra content that shines a proper spotlight on the backstories of Jessie’s character and the Oldest house, non-linear storytelling that helps the gamer to stroll around and experience new elements apart from the contents of the campaign, Control is going to be a longer game than the other titles of Remedy.

Developers estimate that if you complete the whole campaign/ story mode with a few side quests, you will be likely to play the game for 16 to 20 hours, and if you want to complete the side quests and the full story mode then that time can extend even more.

Amazing Sound Effects Are a Big Plus!

Remedy has always worked with some amazing composers for their games and Control is no exception to that. They have jointly collaborated with Martin Stig Anderson and Petri Elanco to produce the amazing soundtracks of this game. Petri Elanco has worked with Remedy on their titles such as; Alan Wake and Quantum Break.

Will Control be available on Steam?

For all the steam fans there is no good news when it comes to Control. Well, at least not at first. For PC, Control will be an exclusive for the EPIC Game store at launch and will be available on steam after a year.

Expansion Packs

Haven’t had your fill even after 20 to 25 hours of gameplay? Control is going to have two expansion packs.

You will require an Expansion pass to get access to these expansion packs which will be exclusive to the PS4, which will follow the original game with the first one dropping in late 2019. These expansion packs will include new mods, new locations, new story content and new missions.

Femininity at its best

Unlike other games in today’s market, Control is properly centered around a female lead and side characters. This is an awesome addition to the man’s world of gaming nowadays and Remedy has been clever to understand that more female gamers are playing games today than ever.

So, much like Avengers and their climax scene of All-female characters being badass, Kudos to Remedy for this game.


Control is an amazing piece of gaming perfection from an already proven gaming studio that boasts titles like Max Payne, Quantum Break and Alan Wake which were big hits when they came out and even to this day.

Control belongs to an incredible new genre called the “New Weird”, and perfectly encapsulates action, weird and horror into a delicious gaming sandwich.

Even after the long story mode that Remedy fans are not typically accustomed to, you would still be hooked on the amazing graphics, the gameplay, the satisfying superman flying powers, and the power to throw debris at your enemies like Thanos flinging a moon.

The fact of the matter is, if you like to see contemporary settings being enveloped with supernatural powers of evil and fight those off with a character like Captain Marvel, Buy Control.



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