Sunday, May 31, 2020
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OCZ Vertex 4 256GB Is Expensive – But it Gets the Job Done

Overall, the Solid State Drive (SSD) trend is still not that viral – Put it simply, they are very expensive for the amount of memory being offered. However, at the end...
Waring Toaster, Waring Toaster review

Waring Toaster – The Coolest thing on Your Kitchen Counter

You are not just buying a toaster when it’s about choosing Waring. This professional cool touch toaster has a lot more than what toasts your toasts to the best version of...
razer lycosa mirror

Having Issues with your Razer Lycosa Mirror Edition Keyboard?

Today, I’d like to talk about the infamous Razer Lycosa Mirror Keyboard; yeah, this one’s a special edition category device, which I thought you’d like to know about. Part of the...
seagate, seagate wireless plus. seagate 1tb wireless plus hdd

For Wireless Network Storage – Seagate Wireless Plus is Da Best

Codenamed STCK1000100, the Seagate Wireless Plus 1 TB hard drive drove me to expect a lot from the company. Frankly, I haven’t had a lot of luck with hard drives, especially...
plantronics legend

Plantronics Voyager Legend headset issues, review & firsthand experience

We review Plantronics Voyager Legend after spending well over two weeks with the latest Bluetooth earphone.