Saturday, December 7, 2019
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Mother Found Dead – Michigan Native Amy Henslee’s Story

Several years ago, Amy Henslee, a Michigan native and a mother of 2 suddenly disappeared from her home. In a surprising turn of events, her body was found yesterday with several...
self help author

Personal Development and Self Help Author Implicated In a Murder Trial

James Arthur Ray is a self-proclaimed Personal Development guru and a self-help author, who has recently been accused of three murders at a sweat lodge in Arizona. The U.S. Courts have...

Fannie Mae – Another Company: Another Business Shutdown

It’s funny how a company takes a lot of years, effort and sacrifices in its making, and takes only a few months to declare bankruptcy. Such was the case with Fannie...

One Year Suspension from School Over a Controversial Facebook Post

It looks like “freedom of speech” is not a highly encouraged expression in Vietnam. What do you expect to happen to an 8th grader who posted a parody of Ho Chi...

Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 Release Date Delayed! Here’s Why

The new iteration in the Vampire: The Masquerade –– Bloodlines 2, is going to miss its launch date that was previously set to be in the first quarter of 2020. The makers...

Heads Up! Spooky Skeletons are haunting Sea of Thieves on Halloween

Sea of Thieves is now updating its gameplay/ story on a monthly basis. Rare is putting new story updates and different other spins to the game on the second Wednesday, every...

No Signs of Child Labor | Samsung is Sure of it

‘China Labor Watch’; a welfare organization in favor of children's rights, has been giving a hard time to several manufacturers inside the country. Back in August, when Samsung was suspected of...

$400,000 Reported Stolen from Bank of America

A series of account holders have had their savings vanished over 48 hours in Burlington – Wash. At the moment, the exact amount of stolen cash has not been tallied, but...

A Good Jew is a Dead Jew – German Group Banned by Twitter for...

A firestorm controversy over anti-Semitic tweets in French, Germany and a so-called “hate group” always mean disaster. Twitter recently banned access in Germany to a German group that was lavishly expressing...
street fighter

Street Fighter 2 Developer Goes to Jail

And its jail time for the 57-year old David Rushton, the infamous Street Fighter 2 developer, for withholding over $1 Million as employee salary money. Wow, talk about keeping your workers...