The standalone visage of a perfectly tailored body, smooth as silk lens cover, and a variety of bragaddacious results isn’t enough to explain what Canon EOS 60D is all about. Is D60, a DSLR series camera with a hefty price tag, worth it? Read on…

Canon EOS 60D Review for First Timers – An All-In-One Gizmo

Camera reviews are always a bit tricky to tackle. At one point, there is a wide population of online visitors looking to read the technical specs. At the same time there is a probable proportion of users who don’t understand terms, such as; CMOS, ISO, AF etc. I notched this spicy Canon 60D review to an understandable level – so much so that making up that “final decision” won’t be a doohickey for you.

The Good Stuff about Canon EOS 60D:

Canon EOS 60D 18 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera with 3.0-Inch LCD’ is made of the tiniest bits of happiness. Does this camera do that intended job? Yes, pictures, it will take. But there is a sense of awe, a jaw dropping frenzy that this device adds to your photos. Due to a fast capturing sensor, your baby’s first step is going to look any prettier, as time snaps shut to a memorable halt.

With the new EOS 60D DSLR, Canon gives the photo enthusiast a powerful tool fostering creativity, with better image quality, more advanced features and automatic and in-camera technologies.

Canon D60 – Photography Aesthetics:

  • Excellency: For still photography, the D60 isn’t anywhere shy of showing its true colors. Of course, you will have to take a fair amount of few hours, maybe even days, to see what settings work best within your environment, but it is all worth it.
  • Lens Couldn’t Get Any Better: If you are an entry/ intermediate level digital photographer, this camera’s by default lens 18 – 135, will not disappoint you with its tactful performance. All the photos appear to be solid; they’ve got those extra details and a softness that doesn’t resemble any grainy horrible textures.
  • Light it Up, Will Ya? You don’t have to know much about Canon EOS-60D’s ISO settings if your concepts are kind of primitive. Just remember that once this camera is fine tuned to any ISO setting lower than the available 3200 range, you wouldn’t have to worry about lightning anymore. Even in the dimmest atmosphere, the lens sort of does its primordial trick of showing detailed results.
  • Focus, Focus and Re-Focus: It is absolutely true that the camera doesn’t have real time auto focus feature. Whatever this thing lacks in real time, it makes up for it through other focus modes. The D60 is perhaps blessed by the Gods to transition, focus and capture everything based on metric technology.

Canon EOS D60 – Video Mode Perks:

  • Starting right off the bat with the DoF, the recorded stuff definitely appears to be visually intriguing. Don’t know what DoF in Canon D60 is? Known as ‘Depth of Field’. It is the degree of details given to the farthest object within a photo or a video sample. I was really moved by the 50/1.8 lens cam results.
  • Flip Flops, Anyone? In the absence of a flip screen, a video recording device, in my honest opinion is bogus. Fortunately, this camera does have a flip screen, which significantly reduces the chances of spending additional cash for the sake of buying a tripod, or a live viewfinder Canon support (Hot Links Here) accessories.
  • Placed at my waist/ hip level, with its screen flipped out, I find no qualms or jerky jitters in the recorded results.
  • Manual controls, both in audio and video modes, make it a lot easier to take charge of any situation that you are trying to capture on the “chip”.

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Some Minor Setbacks of Using Canon EOS D60:

Canon eos 60d digital dslr camera

  1. You have issues carrying a heavy device. Some people like to carry ‘light as a feather’ cameras. That’s a joke I think. The D60 is heavy; its weight speaks of authority, influence and style Can’t handle it? Deal with it.
  2. Some people reportedly disliked this camera because Amazon didn’t send a defected product by mistake. This is not an issue. C’mon, are you seriously going to dis a product manufacturer over hardware defects, probably incurred at the time of shipping?
  3. Just return it and go for an exchange.
  4. There is a lack of dedicated buttons for special shortcut functions. However, Canon EOS D60 has macro software options that are worth a lick. Macros enable users to create shortcuts/ to-call functions to instantly access any specific area of a device.
  5. If you like the easy way out in video recording. Shooting in manual focus mode generates amazing results. Shooting in auto/ one time focus will not come up with impressive video recordings. Don’t blame me later on.

What’s In the Box?

  • The EOS 60D camera comes alone, without any mega supporting accessories. It is called a body only product.
  • A default lens (EF-S 18-12000mm). Treasure it because if this thing breaks, you will have to spend more money on a variety of different Canon D60 lenses USB Cable for Data Transfer
  • An LC-E6 Battery Charger X 1
  • Canon EOS D60 Software Disk X 1
  • Product Manual X 1

Summing It All Up for 60D Fans:

There’s a lot of stuff to talk about before coming anywhere near a conclusive point. The biggest question is still left to be answered:

Do I have to spend over $1200 on Canon EOS 60D?

Yes, you have to. Why? The reason is simple: do it for the love of it. There’s a huge difference between real photography and amateur snapshots. Sure, you might get lucky with a $50 camera once in a few hundred shots. However, with the Canon d60 at your side, you don’t have to have second thoughts.

Have this device ready by your hip, point and shoot! That’s all it takes to create an absolutely stunning memory. The Canon EOS 60D isn’t a slouch on fast moving object; it catches them, caresses them and shows what a truly magnificent moment, within a fraction of a second is all about.

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Build Quality
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Image Quality
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Overall Satisfaction
90 %
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