Want to interpret Bose Cinemate GS Series ii as just another bauble to your living room? Well, do whatever you want but if there’s one thing that’s true about the cinemate series ii; it is its stupendous ability to produce sound – I mean real sound… the stuff that once revved on to max settings, can blow your girlfriend’s skirt off – Meanwhile giving way to a subservient combination of visual and audient “theme”.

Bose Cinemate GS Series ii Review – The Good, The Awesome and The Downright Amazing

bose cinemate series ii box

If you love to hear the sound of sound, or better yet… if you’re a sound-a-holic like me, you’ll adore the fact that the cinemate series ii can tear the plaster off your walls quite easily. Now, in order to become the best at being an irritating music, gaming and movie loving neighbor, you’re going to have to diligently follow our review of this one of a kind, bose surround sound system.

The Good Stuff about Cinemate Series ii:

  1. Bose CineMate GS Series ii (Not Bold but Clickable Link to Same Page Here) is a compact 2.1 audio system that sheaths a ginormous ability to properly deliver amazing sound quality.
  2. Cinemate series 2 has what the company likes to call ‘Gemstone’ speakers. They’re a trademark name, which alludes to the fact that Bose specifically worked hard to outshine its predecessor Acoustimass technology in the earlier models of Bose home theater surround sound speakers.
  3. The universal access Bose Cinemax GS Series ii long range remote control will take the pain out of having to get up every few minutes to adjust the volume settings, during the initial phases of setting up these speakers (Link to Article B).
  4. Easy setup on these cinemax gs series ii babies gives way to instantly go from install mode to Rock ‘n Roll mode in like… 15 minutes maximum.

You Will Not Love the Bose GS Series ii If…

bose cinemate series ii accessories

  1. If your room dimensions are not compatible with what these Bose surround sound speakers has to offer. (Remember: Just because you have a shiny product doesn’t mean that it’ll work well the way it did at the demo store).
  2. If you are not willing to buy good quality speaker cables. (Our Recommendations are:

Bose Cinemate Series ii – An Account of Personal Experience:

A day in my life with the infamous Bose Cinemate Series 2.1 speakers began with a spectator sport phenomenon. I’m not easily pleased when it comes to unpacking the product for the first time. The fine details of the box packaging, the foamy air balls and the smell has to be right in order for me to get “in da zone” for reviewing or enjoying any home theater audio system for that matter.

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Quite luckily, these 2.1 Bose home theater surround sound speakers came in the perfect box.

  • Speaker Cable – 15 Feet X 1
  • Stereo Connection Cable – 6 Feet X 1
  • UMC (Universal Access Remote Control) X 1 [Batteries Included!]
  • An Acousitmass Module X 1
  • Interface Module X 1
  • Bose Cinemate GS Series Gemstone Speakers X 2
  • Speaker Connection Cable – 15 Feet X 1
  • Optical Cable – 6 Feet X 1

Oh boy, listing down all the included product details was quite a whammy for me here. Never mind; moving on now to finer details. To get the best out of your cinemate series I or cinemate series ii Bose speakers, it is HIGHLY recommended by me and the entire National.Net Staff (Link on Site to Roster Page) that you use high quality connection cables.

The ones that Bose sends in the box, by default, might not be suitable for you. Maybe your room is too big and automatically the speakers will be too close to one another (due to wire length inadequacies). Therefore, depending on the dimensions of your room, you will definitely need better quality cables. (I already preferred using above brands).

The big boom box guys charge a pretty penny for usually all kinds of major surround sound systems. Speaking of Bose, some people think, and believe, that the entire Bose Cinemate Series or most of their products is overpriced. Well, suck it up. Sometimes people buy brands and when it comes to Bose, EVERY Frigging One in your community list will know you as the guy who has a Bose CineMate Speaker setup.

Now the fact that 2.1 does limit the actual reach of all your movies’, games’ and audio’s sound, but then again, do not forget that these speakers are for small rooms. Probably if you’re living in a limited space cabin setup, or by the lake, this system will rock the walls off their foundations.

Biggest Perk of Having Bose Cinemate GS Series Speakers?

You asked, I listened and delivered what works best for You! These small 2.1 speakers will create a relay of distinct audio. For instance, even to newbie level listeners who’re experiencing this product for the first time; they will know what kinds of instruments are being played in any soundtrack of your choice! The audio is clear and it gets way better when heard in BluRay Movies.

TOSLinks for My Bose Surround Sound Cinemate Series I & II:

TOSLinks or better known as optical audio connections and speaker wire connections are universally standardized in case of this sound system. You can buy custom made or separate brand made 3.5mm audio cables, since the jacks support a wide variety of these cable heads.

Other than hardware compatibility, cinemate series ii is easily installable in any environment. You do not need speaker stands for a 2.1 system, but if you’re considering going for something, don’t forget to checkout Devon Speaker Stands or the Atlantic Satellite 77305018 2 Speaker Stands (Black)

Do Good Things Always Have to Come in Small Packages?

Not 100% sure whether good things have to be micronized always, but it is true in case of Bose Cinemate GS Series ii. Everything is adjustable; bass to rattle main windows of your room, enough Subwoofer thump to literally vibrate and gyrate your girl’s skirt around, and the perfect tandem to fully enjoy classic movies.


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