To be honest, it is a tough call when someone asks you to buy Asus TF700T 10.1 tablet. Why would you do that when you have the Nexus, the iPad and so many other brands to choose from? Here’s the deal: the Asus Infinity TF700T isn’t that bad – In fact, it is one of the prime touch devices that specifically don’t have any negatives.

You don’t trust me, do you, you skeptic nanny? Well, go ahead and read my Asus TF700T review, you’ll see why I happened to like this device so much. I’m not saying that I loved it, but yeah, I did like it in the long run. Here’s my story…

Asus TF700T Infinity Tablet Review:

Asus TF700T

For starters, it is really easy for me to get pissed off. I mean, if I don’t like something, I just throw it away. I do that literally. The last time I was trying to finish a couple of Challenges in the New Mortal Kombat challenge tower, I got stuck on this one level where we have to kill Gorro, Kintaro and that she biatch that I hardly remember. 70 attempts or so later, I broke the Bluray Disk to smithereens – that’s the kind of guy I am.

So when I bought Asus TF700T B1 GR, I had my skeptic bones wringing all over. That being said, it wasn’t my first encounter with an Android device. I have been on familiar terms with Android OS for a long time now – so much to say that I know its pros and cons when I see them.

The reason I went for the TF700T 10.1 Inch Black Tablet is probably because I am mostly on the move. I wanted a cheap device, while having a cellphone with tethering app to help me connect the tablet with. The phone works as Wi-Fi access point, whereas the said tablet would work as the primary operating device for the time being.

I already have a Keyboard Dock (TF201 Dock for Tablets) to extend the battery life on this device. Not to forget the overall extended functionality of the Dock, the Asus TF700T tablet did a great job for me. Then again, Jelly Bean is the new OS update, which kind of makes things look brighter for a change.

The Good Stuff about Asus Infinity TF700T Tablet:

  • Accurate and highly sensitive touch screen.
  • The 10.1 inch screen size on Asus TF700T is perfect for reading eBooks, visiting websites and watching online videos.
  • Video graphics performance is outstanding. More about that later in this article…
  • Meh… the front and rear facing cameras in Asus TF700T Infinity are good but not that good. The quality is otherwise not as outstanding as you would expect from a standalone camera.
  • ‘CoPilot’, SyGic and many other GPS navigation applications run smooth. The signals are caught almost instantly by the in built Asus TF700T antenna.
  • Resistant side buttons don’t get pressed easily. This is good because while sitting in a car or suddenly tossing the tablet on your bed, doesn’t cause the buttons to press and open an unwanted application.

The “Bad” Stuff about Asus TF700T B1-GR 10.1 Inch Tablet:

Asus TF700T

  • Even though the signal strength on Wi-Fi connection is great, the Asus TF700T Wi-Fi only sticks with the 2.4 GHz range. It is a snoozy because I was expecting at least up to 5 GHz Wi-Fi N support.
  • I don’t understand why the developers Effd-Up big time on the speaker placement. Cmon’ a rear speaker on the Asus TF700T’s back side is like muffling the sound intentionally. You will have to place the tablet on a Dock even if you are planning to watch a movie in your bed. I wish the speakers were on the side or on the top of this tablet.

There are some minor setbacks in the TF700T Asus 10.1 tablet, but I can only explain them as I move on with the review. Hold on, just keep reading and you will understand each and everything about this great device.

Asus TF700T Hardware | How’s the Build Quality?

After unpacking the Asus touchscreen tablet, I need you to take a good look at its left and right sides. They are flat on the front and curvy at the sides. The top and the bottom panes curve almost immediately to the back side, which is a nice addition to the device’s sexy looks.

One more thing; there is a protective plastic bar alongside the top of the device. This bar was installed to improve the Wi-Fi reception and to protect the 8Mp camera. Now the biggest advantage of the curved sides on the Asus TF700T tablet, besides good looks, is perhaps the fact that it doesn’t dig into your palms.

The 10.1 inch Asus TF700T tablet is easy to hold, and whenever a MicroSD flash card is inserted, it mingles in with the overall build of the tablet. I did notice a warm fuzzy feeling which this tablet is known for emitting, while you are playing games on it. The back especially gets warm when gaming or watching videos with HD content.

But then again, there is a Tegra 3 Nvidia Chip in the Asus TF700T 10.1 inch tablet, which alludes to the fact that the device is bound to get a little warmer. However, when compared with other Tegra 3 platforms, the TF700T infinity doesn’t get that much warm – it is the coolest device that I have used so far.

Gorilla Glass | Bananas Anyone?

Asus TF700T

Okay, if you want to buy Asus TF700T Infinity, and you are desperate to do so, watch out for the Gorilla Glass. No, it is not a good thing. The glass, despite of its nice looks, is poorly installed. I mean, it kind of gives a loosey goosey feeling when you exert pressure on its surface.

The glass can be pressed, which isn’t supposed to happen in any tablet’s case. Technically, the Asus TF700T Gorilla Glass is supposed to be beveled. Instead of being beveled, it is slightly higher, which might be an understandable factor, but then again, it is not supposed to be squishy.

Speaking of squishiness, it kind of makes me think that there is going to be a day when the glass will part ways with the actual screen surface. What will happen next? Maybe I will call the Asus guys and tell them that the Gorilla Glass on Asus TF700T screen just came off. Maybe they will send in a replacement or perhaps a pack of Aladeen Glue to set things Aladeen once again!

How’s the Software and Performance?

Asus TF700T

Oh yeah, speaking of Software, by default, the Asus TF700T Infinity 10.1 Inch tablet comes with ICS 4.0.3 version. This Android OS version is pretty much the standard for many other tablets in the market right now.

However, the Jelly Bean OS is already out, so you will be prompted for and upgrade. Add a notification for Firmware upgrade to it and everything notches up to the latest version. One thing which I really felt here was that after the software upgrades, Asus TF700T USB data transfer speed increased a little. I did hear that they worked on this issue to resolve slow speed problems.

The software consists of a nice array of menu buttons, shortcuts and a couple of Power Save, Balance Profile options. I guess, they are the necessary gimmicks to any modern device these days. Then there are performance settings, which are a nice thing to explore. I will leave that to you though.

As for the performance, yes, you can get your hopes as high as you want. First off, the 1920X1200 resolution, slapped with a Tegra 3 Chip, boy, this is friggin amazing. The graphics are so vibrant that gaming is really a fun thing to be had on the Asus TF700T screen.

More so, you have to check out the movies and many enhanced display applications – all in all, a treat for your visual fancy. Asus especially bragged about the TF700T screen image quality and display, which I will say that it is true. Here, at this particular point, I DO Not want you to compare the tablet with the iPad or any other fancy gadget you have.

I wouldn’t want you to have a biased opinion. By comparing the Asus TF700T with other high end tablets, you will ruin the show here. In its own way, the TF700T is really nice. And if seen from this perspective that if there were no iPads or any major competitors, this tablet would have impressed a lot of people out there.

Oh God…. Did I just creep it all up? Just forget it; buy the Asus TF700T device and base your opinion after using it. Now here comes the best part…

Asus TF700T

Play Dead Trigger on your new Asus TF700T. You’re going to love it. I played it on my HTC One V and I kid you not, it is a great Zombie shooter. The graphics are REALLY good. These flesh eating Sons of Guns are gonna look as real and as scarier as it gets. You can call me a gaming whore but had it not been for the high end visuals of this game, I wouldn’t have pasted the official Dead Trigger images at the start of this article.

Honestly, I have to say that I haven’t been anywhere near my busted laptop or my desktop device in a while now. In fact, if I told you the truth, I am writing this review on the Asus TF700T tablet – it is that good. Other games, if you are interested, to try are:

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  • Shadow Gun
  • Dungeon Defenders
  • Glow Ball
  • SiegeCraft

They all come with jaw dropping – eye popping graphics. Now apart from gaming, when you are working on some document, let’s say a PDF file, I would like you to do so through this app called: Polaris Office. For some reason, the Asus TF700T tablet resonates well with Polaris – so much so that all your documents, especially the larger PDF files will open without any hassles. There won’t be that feeling of sluggishness in there, while working on important stuff.

Benchmark Stats for Asus TF700T Device?

If you crave numbers, Benchmarks are here for you. These stats are not for “ordinary” folks at this side of the planet.

Quantum Standard 2.1.1: 4581

CF Bench v1.2 Overall: 4301

AnTuTu Benchmark v2.8.3
Total: 10777
CPU: 6821
GPU: 1301
RAM: 2000
I/O: 655

Smartbench 2012: 3933

Vellamo Mobile Web Benchmark v1.0.6: 1480

All in all, there aren’t any specific things that you can base a a huge negative in this Asus TF700T 10.1 Inch Infinity Tablet. In today’s day and age, it is rare when a device or a product works as advertised. Fortunately, this tablet is one of those devices that fulfill its promises efficiently. You will have a lot of fun and nice memories with this thing; don’t forget to check the TF700T at Amazon or any other popular online store of your choice.

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Word from Asus – The Original Developer:

The ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T sets a new benchmark for mobile entertainment as the world’s first Full HD Android tablet. Featuring a Full HD 1920 x 1200 Super IPS+ display with Corning Gorilla Glass 2, ASUS SonicMaster technology, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and an incredibly thin design complete with ASUS exclusive metallic spun finish, the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T-B1 is the perfect companion for the heavy media consumer who is constantly on the move.

Known for their unmatched reliability, ASUS products clearly offers you peace of mind and quality you can trust. Using only premium materials, ASUS aims to break the industry mold and deliver a product that is truly incredible. In addition, ASUS also offers the industry’s best-in-class warranty and free 1-year accidental damage protection so you sleep worry-free knowing ASUS’ got your back.


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