A firestorm controversy over anti-Semitic tweets in French, Germany and a so-called “hate group” always mean disaster. Twitter recently banned access in Germany to a German group that was lavishly expressing its feelings in the context of anti-Semitic views.

Over the last few days, the #UnBonJuif hashtag got pretty viral when ‘Besseres Hannover’, a German group Twitter account holder started it all. Tweets, such as; ‘#UnBonJuif est un juif mort’ (translated: A good Jew is a dead Jew) and ‘Est cuit thermostat 6’ (Translated in general: Jews should be cooked at high temperature).

Twitter has blocked the ‘Besseres Hannover’ account until further notice. It is believed that the group is of Neo-Nazi origin as reported by Danny Sullivan of MarketingLand.Com. However, in favor of this group, some people would beg to differ.

For the record, you should know that ‘Infinarium’ is not expressing its opinions or anything against or in favor of this situation – we are just reporting news and that’s all. The public expression of Nazi-related opinions and views is considered illegal in Germany. All the social accounts belonging to this group have been banned on other social media platforms.

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On the contrary, according to Ms. Sullivan, it is still possible for the U.S. based Twitter users to access the ‘Besseres Hannover’ tweets. CNET and many other websites checked this and discovered that the account is only blocked in Germany. Probably in light of this new situation, ‘Besseres Hannover’ will coordinate its anti-Jew / Hate activities by maintaining contact with its U.S. friends.

Such kind of censorship is sort of an excuse to shut people up for a while. Google does this all the time. The search engine giant has been in news for imposing bans on some specific pages, videos and defamatory material in specific countries. However, outside of those countries, the rest of the world can always access that information at any time of the day.

More Details about Besseres Hannover debacle can be found here.


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