If you are a fan of extremities in your gaming experience, then strap in for an adventure with the new iteration of Monster Hunter: World called Iceborne. The game is exceptionally intense because it already assumes that you are still a pro, just like when you brought down the Arch Tempered Kirin in the Highlands.

This game is forceful and if you have played the previous games or not, you are still going to be overwhelmed and lose, no matter what we tell you about it. But here’s how you would suck a bit less.

Upgrade your furry little feline friend

As you get into the game, you would notice that Solo hunting is very challenging and you don’t really have an ally to rely on but hey, you have your precious Palico to assist you.

The Palico will be there to assist you in every mission and hunting session if you are going solo or in a group of two, so make sure that your Palico is well equipped. There are new tools to make your Palico stronger, so don’t just focus on weapons and armor.

Attention to your Palico will greatly enhance your chance of having a decent gaming experience because these fights are hard and unforgiving and if the Palico supports their own weight, it’ll make all the difference in the world.

Your Palico’s gadgets get a new special ability this time around and to unlock them, you will have to up your game and level up your tool a bit more. Of Course, you should select the ones according your needs or preference but by our recommendation you should get the Coral Orchestra or the Vigorwasp Spray.

You do well with a Trailraider

monster hunter world iceborne

If you are hunting alone, get yourself a trailraider. These are invaluable allies that can prove to be amazing allies in the most difficult battle sequences. If your trailraider goes down, you can get a new one by finding them on the map. You can unlock their availability on the map by befriending BoaBoa.

Replenish With Hot Drinks and Nulberries

Very early in the game, you would pass through a tutorial for all of the features in the game and it will instruct you to keep hot drinks and nulberries close by to keep your body warm, heal your from ailments like Iceblight and prevent the decrease in your stamina bar.

You won’t get time in a fight to make these so you should carry as much as you can before you take part in a fight.

Want to win? Balance your defense and Aggression

monster hunter world iceborne

This is the most basic but important tip we have to offer.

Iceborne is a deeply aggressive game and will surely test your limits as a hunter. All the moves and tactics you think you knew will be of no use when you will come face to face with elder dragons. For those, you will have to surely learn new moves and fighting techniques without being knocked out by your opponents.

You will have 50 minutes for every hunt and at the start, you will have to use every bit of that time. Try to get in the fight and face the initial monsters cleverly, because if you pull punches and chicken out, you will never be able to defeat the harder dragons.

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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is a tough yet amazing expansion of the series. If you don’t catch up and meet the difficulty head-on, this game will chew you up and spit you out quite quickly. But if you master the skills and be a clever hunter, Iceborne will reward you with the most outstanding gameplay and battle sequences this year.



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