To be honest, it does feel great. The upcoming gaming system from Nintendo is an amazing handheld device that rivals its big brother in many ways. But still, the question remains, should you buy one? Let us give you some information and then you can make that decision yourself and quickly because it is already available to preorder.

nintendo switch lite 2019

Firstly, its bigger brother has been updated to include a better battery life, so we can even call that the Nintendo Switch Version 2. But you should also know that Nintendo’s method of transferring games and saves between different gaming systems is really not something you ever look forward to.

But for those people who just want a normal switch which is more affordable and don’t care if it connects to the TV or not, then the Switch Lite is perfect for them.

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So, What’s So Great About the Nintendo Switch Lite?

nintendo switch lite 2019

There are some amazing things wrapped in this little gaming package as discussed below.

  1. The Reduced Price: It is a whopping $100 less than its big brother the Nintendo Switch, making it the least expensive option in the Nintendo Switch lineup. That’s a substantial price difference but the Nintendo Switch can also sometimes redeem itself in the price department when it is available in specially priced hardware that is more affordable.
  2. Compact Size: Even with a smaller and more comfortable to handle a 5.5-inch screen, you will have a hard time finding a game that doesn’t look good on it. Games like Super Mario Maker 2, Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario Odyssey all look amazing on it. The Switch Lite is not as small as Nintendo 3DS but it still feels a lot more portable.
  3. This Smaller Size May Also be Stronger Trait: While holding it and doing long gaming sessions on it, you can really feel the difference between the Lite and the original Switch. The Lite feels more sturdy, stronger and the superior hardware.
  4. The All New D-Pad Is a Good Change: The D-pad on the Lite’s left side is way better than the four buttons of the original Nintendo Switch. It makes movement games like Super Mario Maker feel more exciting.
  5. New Colors for Visual Appeal: The new colors are incredible. The new blue color is an absolute personal favorite but yellow and gray are also amazing. With these new funky colors, the Lite looks more Nintendo-ish than the original Switch.

What’s Not So Great About Nintendo Switch Lite?

nintendo switch lite 2019

Although this product is pretty amazing, still there are a few issues with it as discussed below.

  1. No Docking Ability: Well Nintendo had to cut short some stuff with such a lower price tag and they did by ditching the USB-C video out which means that not only are you able to do big-screen gaming, but it potentially kills any multiplayer gaming sessions you wanted to have with your friends.
  2. No Detachable Controllers: Unlike the original Switch, the Lite doesn’t have those cool detachable controllers that let you play with your friends but without TV support or any multiplayer options at all, you won’t really miss the detachable controllers. This also means that you have to be vigilant while gaming and don’t damage the controllers, because unlike the original Switch, faulty controllers can’t be swapped out.
  3. An Annoying Game-Sharing Issue: If you were thinking that you would just swap games between two Switch gaming consoles then you were wrong. While physical game cards are not a problem, online file sharing is an issue and it doesn’t feel like it will be fixed anytime soon.

Certainly, there are ways to share digital games between different gaming modules but for that, you have to assign primary and Secondary statuses to the Switches, and you would have to authenticate the gameplay every single time you play a game on the secondary device.


To cut a long story short, The Switch Lite is an amazing gaming module if you just want to play games yourself and don’t like to share the gaming experience with your friends or even your TV. But if you want a more multiplayer-oriented gaming module that you can also project to the big screen, then buy the Original Nintendo Switch.

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