If you haven’t heard of Kojima’s latest creation “Death Stranding”, ditch that rock you’re under and hop on this bizarre journey with us that will let you know all of the weirdness this game has to offer. With lots of narratives, gameplay oddities and babies in jars (Really not kidding), this game has it all on the oddity scale of horror.

Let’s take a look at 21 Major Oddities this game has to offer.

Amelie’s “WHAT ARE THOSE” Moments

Amelie is shown residing on a volcanic beach in the game where the sand is predictably very fine. But these conditions don’t stop her from jogging in the surf with a pair of heels. Get her a pair of flip-flops for heaven’s sake.

Bottle Babies

Believe it or not, the main character walks around with a baby in a bottle who is playing a ghost sniffing dog apparently in this shindig. Kudos to the baby. These babies are unborn, and they apparently have a shelf life. When it’s time to get a new one, the older ones are burned properly.

Don’t worry we too haven’t found any game in which smoking babies are a thing.

Celebrity Cameos

Kojima has a lot of his pals appear in his games and Death Stranding is no exception. In this game, we see Tv talk show host Conan O’Brien appear as a hologram to which we have to bring some supplies.

Burning Dead Bodies

Dead bodies should not be allowed to fester in this game. Why? Because they can cause all sorts of problems. Surprised? You shouldn’t be even at this early stage of the article. They are not allowed to fester because that increases the population of ghosts.

So, it’s necessary that when you kill someone, get them to the crematorium and burn them to a crisp so that they don’t cause problems for you later on.

Agent of Extinction

Death stranding is just a countdown storyline that ends on the extinction of the human race. Triggering this extension is the job of Amelie who doesn’t just jog at the beach. It’s her cosmic responsibility to get rid of the human race but she’s not sure of the timing of when she would actually do it.

It’s Sam’s job to convince her to postpone the extinction and allow the human race to live for a few thousand years.

Fragile’s “Walk of Shame”

In the story, Fragile has an arch-enemy named Higgs that has magical powers and rocks a gold skull mask.

In one scene, Higgs shames Fragile by stripping her down to her underwear and walkthrough the Timefall Rain which makes you age faster, the longer you are under it. He allows her to cover her face while the rest of her youthful body ages quickly.

Untethering Ghosts

Sam has a large arsenal on his back, but his most prized weapon is a bracelet with a pair of scissors attached to it. What it does is that Sam will sneak up on ghosts and snip the tethers of the ghosts that are binding them to this world.

When they are untethered, they “die” screaming into the void. The weird part is that they will send Sam a social media type “like” from the void. This is their way of being grateful to him for releasing them from this world.


Still not freaked out yet? Well, there is a character named Heartman in the game. What he does is, he will stop his own heart with the help of a chest-mounted defibrillator every 21 minutes. He does it to roam around the afterlife in search of his family.

He has spent around 10 years in the after and collects DVDs as a hobby. Certainly not a party animal this guy.


Yeah, this game has a guy named Deadman. Why is his name Deadman? Because he’s a dead-man or at-least he’s made up of different dead people. He is a major quest-giver in the story.


This game is not big on laughs and even much so that, when Conan O’Brien makes an appearance, he makes some jokes about otters which Sam gives a cold shoulder to. So, don’t expect anything remotely funny in this, if you’re not a psychopath.

The Kafka Impact

Sam has a shoulder-mounted device that is able to decloak ghosts so that you can snip them afterward. This device is known as Odradek. It was created after a short story by Franz Kafka. In this story, the main character tries to identify a creature called an Odradek.

Uncomfortable Immortality

The main character Sam is a Repatriate which means that he can die and come back again. When he dies, there is a weird animation where there is a baby deep in his throat. The baby animation is cute, but it must be quite uncomfortable having a toddler in the throat, just saying.

No Place for Motherhood

Death Stranding is an enemy to the “Happy” theme of motherhood. From Mama’s dead kid to Sam’s relationship with his mom who suffered from womb cancer to BB’s dead mom, to Deadman’s mother, motherhood doesn’t have a special place in Death Stranding, and it is always a gateway to tragedy.

Deadly Gasses

In the story, Sam has to travel to a lot of deep underground spaces where there is a deadly gas present called Vog. This gas is a problem for Preppers that want to retrieve the special items this gas protects, but Sam can survive the gas with the help of an oxygen mask. The problem is that this gas is attractive to BTs, so it’s a vicious fetch quest between Sam and them.

Poop and Pee

Yeah, you can make explosives from everything coming out of you, Literally. Sam’s safe space is a room where he can rest, take a shower and do his business on the can. The game encourages the players to take frequent dumps so that they can create grenades that can be used against BTs.

This method is useful at the beginning of the story, but as the game progresses, Sam’s blood is automatically drawn during recuperation sessions and turned into powerful weapons.

Love Guru

Many a time Sam reunites two lovers, which is always nice, but those two will berate him with a million whiny emails about their fights and general moaning which is always a pain in the behind.

Daft Names

The weirdness is most apparent in the names associated with the characters and places in the game. Need some proof? Well, the president Bridgett literally wants to build bridges all the time, Cliff was named after the fact that he went off the deep end, Amelie is a ridiculous pun on America. Places also have weird names like Capital Knot City or Port Knot City.

Touch Sensitive

Of all the things in this game, you would not expect the main character to have a touch phobia, but he has and it’s a real problem when the supporting characters like Deadman are touchy-feely. This phobia is due to a childhood trauma Sam suffered in his childhood.

Umbilical Ghost

This is one of the creepiest things in the game hands down. The character Mama is pregnant when she was involved in a Voidout (catastrophic disaster). Voidouts usually kill everything around but Mama somehow survives while the baby dies.

As we discussed above, people who don’t get cremated come back as ghosts in Death Stranding, so the baby returns as a ghost with a ghostly umbilical cord still attached to Mama. Mama doesn’t want her baby to go away but thankfully Sam takes care of that with his scissors.

Monster Energy Drinks

Power drinks are still a part of this weird world and conveniently the only energy drinks to have survived are the sponsored Monster ones.

Ze Bug Fest

There’s not much on the Menu in this game. Aside from the occasional Pizza deliveries, the whole terrain is filled with special types of bugs called Crypobiotes. The major thing about these is that they are the protection against the effects of Time fall Rain. Fragile likes to eat them like m&ms but Sam has a problem with them being too disgusting. Don’t worry he still ends up eating them later though.


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